Oof, WEDNESDAYS, am I right? Ay-ay-ay! (I need a Wednesday just to get over my Wednesday!) Well don’t worry, you guys, this Wednesday can’t hurt us anymore. Wrap party! (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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  1. “Pobre patos” indeed, Mr. Cameraman!

  2. Happy Hump Day! We all made it.

  3. So he’s a yo yo, well not a yo yo not quite sure what those things are called, diablo I think, any way he does cool tricks and gets to spend time with cute baby ducks? Where do I send my resume?

  4. I’ve noticed my Wednesdays have gotten much better since Top Chef All Stars ended.

  5. Why Don’t You Caption It?
    Perhaps this fascinating device will free us 1.5 square foot prison.
    Seriously you guys, fuck pet stores.

    • “You want some ducks? Yeah, we got some fuckin’ ducks! They’re right over there in that glass cage with the steel floor. No, the one that’s slightly larger than two shoeboxes. That’ll be 6.75. Here’s a manilla envelope to take it home in. Have fun!”

    • I hear you. I still have nightmares about a monkey I saw in a way-too-small cage at a Japanese pet store. #sadgum

  6. Simple joys are the best.

  7. “Ok guys, we’re not going to fall for it again! It’s just a yo-yo, we don’t need to- ooooh there he goes again! Can’t. turn. away. Noooooooooooo!”

  8. You guys … This video is called “patitos yoyofactory” … I’m a little worried about what those yo-yos are made out of.

  9. I’m just impressed that Werttrew managed to juggle being a new father AND sending a tip to videogum. Is he man or machine!?

  10. BNPG? BNPG. Duck movies.

    My Webbed Foot
    Beaking John Malkovich
    Quack to the Future

  11. Looking good, K-Strass. Looking REAL good.

  12. I’m just worried about next Wednesday. Imagine how everyone will feel with some crappy guest blogger filling in.

  13. That was the most drawn out game of Duck Duck Goose I’ve ever played. Still playing it, actually.

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