Brawndo has the electrolytes your celebration of the death of Osama Bin Laden craves!

And scene. (Thanks for the tip, Drew.)

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  1. That’s a hybrid ATV. Pussy.

  2. I think anyone applying for a green card to live in the United States should have to watch this, followed by the question, “Now are you sure you want to live here?”

    • I was just thinking of showing this to friend of mine in the UK who happens to be a young, brown, muslim man and can’t understand why I laughed at his expressed desire to move there.

  3. This is what I imagine Chet Haze was doing yesterday while tweeting

  4. I did this exact thing when Cougar Town came back on.

  5. “The American Flag is like my wife, when it’s behind me all pretty, it’s the greatest thing in the world. But if it gets in front of me while I’m trying do something cool, like shoot my gun, I’ll hit it back into place.” — That guy.

  6. Things he might have been shooting at off camera:

    1. Canada
    2. A tree dressed up as Osama Bin Laden
    3. Textbooks
    4. Nerds
    5. The empty cans of beer he just drank

    - America

  8. I just thought this was a confused Ukrainian picnicker.

  9. The armed Tea Party Rebellion is off to a slow, well-landscaped start.

  10. I want to make fun of the guy, but give me a few beers, an ATV, and the death of a hated criminal and I’d probably do the same.

  11. when is a stereotype not a stereotype?

  12. At the risk of saying this to a whole bunch of people who are celebrating the death of the most notorious evil mind of the past 50 years (AKA you guys), is terrorism really that big of a problem? I mean, terrorism has been around pretty much forever. It is like the world’s second oldest profession. And sure, it’s mean to knock someone down and cut off their head or whatever just because they’re different than you. But it also kind of gets you ready for life, you know? The world is always going to be there to knock you down and cut off your head, and that’s a lesson that needs to be learned from an early age. It is bad to be a terrorist, but when terrorists get older, most of them STOP being terrorists and start being productive members of society. And those who continue being terrorists, they usually end up in dead, because terrorism is an actual crime that is prosecuted. But overall, I don’t think the whole issue is one to get worked up over compared to, say, Galactus eating planets or something.

  13. as much as this might perpetuate a negative stereotype of Americans, you have to admit it does look KIND of fun.

    okay, really fun.

  14. I’ve never been so proud to be an American. NEVER.

  15. “Get out of my face, flag! I’m trying to shoot a movie!” -this guy, probably

  16. There goes my hero, watch him as he goes…
    And what was he shooting at the end? we will never know

  17. Now that Bin Laden is dead, this man can finally shoot his gun at random on top of of a vehicle notorious for toppling over, without the fear of senseless danger.

  18. This is exactly how Ozzy Osborne got into that ATV accident.

  19. When I first heard the news, I totally did this in my mind. I’m jealous of this guy.

  20. During the part where he aims his gun and fires a few shots, he is actually shooting and killing irony.

  21. Why make this a special occasion thing?
    I do this almost every time a I take a solid crap!

  22. What? This is like every ranch party my friends have thrown since we were in college. (Actual incidents at ranch parties: barn door taken off when a pass went awry in 4-wheeler football game; truck drunkenly driven into middle of pond and two winches broken trying to get it out; drunk floating in tiny boat in middle of pond retrieved by labrador retriever and pulled back to shore–he was fishing at the time. Etc.) What I’m saying is, I probably know that guy.

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