This documentary about the New York Times looks pretty good, although I am concerned it will not have nearly enough Jukt Micronics references. Fingers crossed for ENOUGH Jukt Micronics references.

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  1. Page One Day Trailer, you guys. Starring Ellen Page.

  2. Tickets will cost $15 to watch the first half hour, $20 to watch the first hour, and $25 to watch the whole thing

  3. I’d prefer more references to Setec Astronomy, but to each their own.

  4. “You know what’s cooler than a billion dollars? A million dollars…” -New York Times financial analysts

  5. Can you name a newspaper NOW, Mrs. Palin?

  6. No need to fear, only the New York Times could bring us the audacious, in-depth music coverage that Internet media is afraid to cover. (Link via Pat M’s subscription)

  7. ______, I’ll watch it.

  8. Huh, all the Caucasians that are fit to print, am I right?

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