Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that EVERY SINGLE BRITISH FEMALE ACTRESS IS DEAD. That’s what happened, right? That’s why Anne Hathaway is in this? There was not a single actress with an actual genuine English accent still living? Because otherwise, WHUUUUUUUUUUUT?! You know it’s bad news if they can’t even cobble together two and a half minutes of clips in which Anne Hathaway doesn’t drop the accent a dozen times. How romantic, I’m sure. (To those who might counter with the fact that Renee Zellweger, an American, also portrayed an Englishwoman in the Bridget Jones movies, I would remind you that that, too, was terrible. Hopefully they do lock Anne Hathaway up in a slapstick Thai prison, though, LOL!) Yuck. They should have called this movie Love and Other Lorries, am I right, you guys?!

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  1. I bet she just saw Monty Python & The Holy Grail. 10th grade drama kids tend to speak in terrible British accents for about a month afterwards. 10 bucks says she’s spotted at a renaissance festival later this month.

  2. Did you guys ever notice how an actress wearing glasses is an ugly nerd and an actress without glasses is a beautiful swan? I did, because movies keep telling me so.

    • Except I really want those glasses…
      I will probably watch this movie just to see the different clothes they put her in every year. Babs=shallow.

  3. I try to like Anne Hathaway, I really do. It’s just…she makes it so hard! She also makes herself difficult to like. WINK.

  4. Anne Hathaway is going to have the slowest lap in the history of Top Gear.

  5. I bet you Anne Hathaway will pronounce it “theater” instead of “theatre” and “color” instead of “colour.” Americans are the worst!

  6. Acting “old” is so transparent. It reminds me of a time when I was in high school and I had to play an old man who meets his, like, high school sweet heart on a park bench way later in life. All I did was pantomime old person body movements and kinda warble my voice. In hindsight, how stupid (and likely insulting to various parents)!

    I think it would be more interesting and emotionally sincere to ask actors aged appropriately for the late scenes to play young for the early scenes.

  7. An ex boyfriend recently told me I look like Anne Hathaway. It was a shitty thing to say cause she sucks and is annoying. I’ll probably see this movie. God, she’s terrible.

  8. wait, i thought they said NO SKINNY DIPPING. they’re skinny dipping, like, directly after they said that! compelling!

  9. Is this Never Let Me Go 2 Tha Streets, where this time, the people in England never age?+

  10. :10 in my reaction: ANNIE–WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!

  11. I thought she was supposed to be a respected actress? Do they really let the star of Ella Enchanted make these kind of overwrought romance-dramas?

    Oh, Anne.

  12. Easy, narrator of the trailer, easy. You just gave away every detail to the plot.

  13. I can’t stand Anne Hathaway – she strikes me as one of those insufferable cheery types. No wonder James Franco looked like he wanted to kill himself at the Oscars.

  14. WTHF happened? Wasn’t Anne Hathaway supposed to be The Next Big Thing, like… yesterday? Then Bride Wars happened, she showed her tits EVERYwhere, and now it’s slid all the way down here?

  15. Renee Zellweger was charming in Bridget Jones’s Diary.

    Oof. That was hard to type.

  16. “To those who might counter with the fact that Renee Zellweger, an American, also portrayed an Englishwoman in the Bridget Jones movies, I would remind you that that, too, was terrible.”

    I hope you’re not talking about the original, because AW HELL NAW.

    You can badmouth Anne Hathaway (even though I like her). You can take on the Royal Wedding. But leave Bridget Jones out of your dirty hate campaign.

    • The only time I can even stand Zellweger is when she is speaking with a “British ” accent.

    • That Bridget Jones gif was, of course, in answer to this comment. She not just out there in a room in her pyjamas (in England, that’s how they spell it) lip-synching to Celine Dion or Eric Carmen or whomever by herself for no audience with no relevance to anything.

  17. You tell it, sister.

  18. True fact of romantic movies: if you meet someone and even sort of like her early in life, you will eventually end up with her, regardless of how much you love the people with whom you have relationships in the interim.

    • Also: If you have a crush on your friend’s gf/bf, it is your duty to break them up. You were meant for each other.

    • I love chick flicks, but the fact that people are actually tricked into thinking things like this can happen to them is preposterous. Here is a cautionary tale.
      I had a real life situation that started off sounding like a chick flick:
      I had a massive crush on a guy for years – like from 6th grade until Senior Year of high school. We were good friends the whole time, but I never had the guts to do anything about it (in retrospect, he probably knew, but wasn’t interested). Then, senior year, he started dating one of my very close friends (she didn’t know how I felt), and I was crushed. There were a number of actual scenes in my life where I was probably watching them at a dance or at a partying we were at and you could see the smile plastered on my face and my heart breaking inside.

      Here’s where it stops sounding like a chick flick and sounds like real life:
      Then this guy lied to my friend about being a virgin and convinced her that they should “be each others’ first” even though he’d slept with his two previous girlfriends, cheated on her repeatedly basically in front of her face, and also had an issue with jock itch and gave her some sort of fungal infection on her crotch. He was possessive and mean to her, and though they broke up, he bothered her for at least 5 years thereafter.

      So the real ending is this:
      My friend took the bullet for me and I avoided dating a world class creep. I now hate this guy after guiding her through his 5 years of mind games, and she remains one of my closest friends.

  19. A.H. *will* go away one day, right? Please tell me she will go away, with Julia Roberts, and laugh huge, open-mouthed, self-satisfied laughs in the part of heaven set aside for girls with big faces.

  20. This movie is like The Time Traveler’s Wife without the time traveling. I call it The Wife.

  21. I hope she dies in the end so he can learn an important lesson about life….

  22. Her British accent is even worse than her Russian accent:

  23. When I get along great with a girl, I too meet up with her on the same day every year. And NO MORE.

    This movie gets life.

  24. Anne Hathaway getting cast in this is our payback for the current flush of American superhero movies starring British actors.

    (Oh, who am I kidding? British men are just sexy! UK, you got the raw end of this deal.)

  25. Sorry Guyz but I think Anne Hathaway is sublimely beautiful.

    I hope the rest of the world comes to dislike her as much as you guys so her self esteem plummets and she comes running into my open arms for comfort and we can get married and raise a brood of middling children and she can resent me as the embodiment of her fall from grace FOREVER.

  26. too many haircuts to keep track of.

  27. I truthfully think from the bottom of my heart, that this is already the very worst. 100% horrible.

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