Last night’s late-breaking news that Obama Bin Laden is dead was important to be sure, but it really overshadowed the other exciting news: that Mayor Tommy Carcetti is on Game of Thrones!

Of course, it’s only a matter of time before political pressure in King’s Landing forces him to abandon the principles that got him elected as King Robert Baratheon’s “Master of Coin.” Oh well.

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  1. I have to ask what the deal is with his accent, in Love/Hate he couldn’t even muster up a convincing Irish accent. I’m worried about Aiden Gillen, you guys.

  2. If Gary Oldman and Edward Norton rolled around in Christoph Waltz, they would produce this guy.

    Also, #cangetit

  3. Winter is coming? Sheeeit

  4. Also, frightened little boy from Batman Begins is the prince!

  5. *Governor Carcetti

    quick question to the wire lovers out there based on a conversation i had this weekend: who killed bodie? (don’t look it up!)

    i thought i knew, but i was wrong and it really fucked with how i remember events in the show now.

  6. Where’s Sir Wallace, String? Where’s Sir Wallace?

  7. Is it too early to ask for a vidyagum “Game of Thrones” recap? Lost is over and this show has already been picked up for a second season — just sayin’.

    • Only if we also get a Top Chef Masters recap. I’m telling you, that shit is way more ridiculous than the regular show. At the very least we should get Top Chef: Just Desserts recaps, because thoe people are straight up mental compared to the normal cheftestants.

      But yeah, Game of Thrones recaps also.

    • I want one! Seconding this. Or thirding!

  8. I twittered a couple of times about this last night, but I kind of can’t get over how incredibly beautiful the eyebrows are on pretty much every single member of the Game of Thrones cast. Was that part of the books, too?

  9. Carcetti you slithery rascal.

  10. When it got to the bit in this episode where one guy said to the other “Your father was a famous warrior. He was bloodrider to Khal Bharbo” I said to my husband – “so he’s ok with a ride during her period. Well now isn’t he open minded”.

  11. I’m just thrilled we’re not doing a Killing recap, that show is the absolute worst, robot dialogue written for robots

  12. omgomgomgOMGGGGGGG i haven’t watched last night’s episode yet but he is such good casting for the role of littlefinger!!! it’s entirely possible that i’m typing this after having straight up squealed in delight and clapping a bunch! can’t confirm or deny but NNNNnnnnnNnnnnnnNNnnnnn!!

    (while the rest of the nation chanted “U! S! A!”, i continued to chant “GAME! OF! THRONES!” instead.

  13. Where’s winter, Ned? Ned! Where the fuck is winter?!

  14. dammit gabe, im still on episode 5 of season 3!

  15. At the end of the day, I’m still hot in a city that ain’t. Can I put you down for 5,000 swords? What about thy wife?

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