Who invited God to the barbecue? Just kidding! WE ALL DID! Beer me, God! (Via FourFour.)

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  1. Uh, I left a comment and it got +151 upvotes but then the site went away and my comment was lost, so I would like recognition. I forget what I wrote though, but it was good.

  2. I’m glad someone is bringing back the M.C. Hammer pants.

  3. Christian Hip-Hop: If you can’t beat it, ruin it.

  4. I think he just listened to Rapture by Blondie and just assumed they were rapping about Jesus

  5. “This is my jam.” -Jesus, probably

  6. This bass line is actually pretty sweet. It becomes conceptual art with the out of breath vocals. Well done, Jesus.

  7. After this controversial pilot episode, The New Mickey Mouse Club recast and decided to to take the show in a new direction.

  8. There but for the grace of God, go I

  9. While Videogum was down my skin got all itchy like something was crawling on it, is that normal?

  10. So, God is a donut? Did I get that right? Well, I guess that explains the spiritual hole that I feel.

  11. “Amen.”–Mr. Coconuts

  12. We’d better test everyone’s blood with this hot wire just to be safe…

  13. I’d like to thank God for not having a public access station near where I grew up, because I had the luxury of toothbrush microphones and no cameras when I regularly did this exact thing to this exact song. DC Talk! They had a song called “2 Honks And A Negro”!

  14. Confession time: I was on this show. It was called “Lift Jesus Higher” and as a kid my mom made me join a traveling puppet group, and we did about 8 performances for this show. It was filmed in South Bend, IN. That lady never let us take a break, even to go to the bathroom. Every time we wanted to rest or have a snack, she would tell us how expensive it was to rent the studio and that we needed to keep working.

    At the time, even though the show was obviously crap, it was still exciting to be on TV.

  15. Nuthin but a Nu Thang

    Nu Thang Clan Ain’t Nuthin ta Fuck Wit


  16. this one was great, but if we’re being real it just couldn’t compete with “i love rap music”

  17. Exercise must also be a nu thang to him, because any true performer would not be so out of breath from that crap dance

  18. This video is my fashion inspiration for Spring ’11.

  19. For the first 30 seconds, I figured this was just another “oh, conservative Christians do really cheesy things to reach out to kids, and the early 90s were awful for media, and kids are terrible at everything, and this is the union of the three, so it will be terrible, awkward, and cheesy” video. There are a lot of those videos. And Gabe, ever since taking over Lost Island, has to push the button to post a new one every 8 days or the universe explodes or something.

    And I was right. And it was terrible, awkward, and cheesy.

    But then we got to the 30 second mark, and the pants happened. They changed everything.

    Gabe, thank you for continuing to innovate in the posting-awful-90s-Christian-children-rap-videos space.

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