Why do they even bother making trailers for these movies anymore? Just put it in the theater, and whoever it is that is out there (and make no mistake: there are MILLIONS of them) who doesn’t mind movies that are somehow both the stupidest and the most confusing thing you have ever seen will go, and the rest of us will not go. It’s called Supply and Demand or something. “OPTIMUUUUUUUS!” Haha. That does get me every time. “OPTIMUUUUUUUS!” I think Shia LaBeouf is a perfectly decent actor, but every time he has to dramatically scream a SPACE ROBOT’s name it breaks my heart. Just kidding, no it doesn’t. But hopefully it breaks his. “OPTIMUUUUUUUUUS!” Hahahhaha.

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  1. All my Chicago alert things are like “Watch the Transformers trailer…Chicago is destroyed!”

    Why would I want to see that? I LIVE HERE. THAT’S WHERE ALL MY STUFF IS.

  2. I actually feel bad for/actually like Michael Bay…

    no, wait. no I don’t.

    “robots go BOOM!” – screenwriting session

  3. Birdie prefers the knock-off. Let’s gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-bot!

  4. We should all be so lucky to find our own space robot whose name we scream when we are concerned about him

  5. I like how the new Megan Fox didn’t say anything in the trailer, just stood there and made pretty faces while things exploded and some people said some things with valor.

    If that isn’t a Michael Bay film in one sentence, I don’t know what is.

  6. Didn’t they already have a trailer where they landed on the moon and then they said “Radio darkness let’s go!” and then it turned out Apollo 11 was about finding Megatrons or something? I don’t understand anything.

  7. What I learned from this trailer:

    1. The soundtrack is a collaboration between Hans Zimmer and Linkin Park

    2. Still no Soundwave

    3. John Turturro has given up on real acting

  8. #Confessionsgum, I will see this in the movie theater (probably sitting next to a few bros wearing Affliction t-shirts).

  9. How did they know?!?!?

  10. If you sync it up properly, Shia is signing the female part of “Great Gig in the Sky”.

  11. This series has become like Donald Trump. Ugly, pointless and rasist. but still, EXPLOSIONS!

  12. Bumblebee is going to ruin his candy yellow paint job if he keeps sliding around like that.

  13. Chicago is destroyed AND it was directed by Michael Bay? Republicans just collectively creamed their pants.

  14. “Uh oh, here comes the fun police, right on time. Make sure your kids don’t go see any fun movies this summer!”–Mr. Coconuts

  15. Oliver Stone + Michael Bay = ConspiraSPLOSION !!!!!!!!

    and twice as obnoxious

  16. Am I the only one who thinks this looks like the best one? Even the music is better.

    Granted, it could very well be the best piece of dogshit in the kennel of Transformers movies, but still.

  17. In honor of the Office last night, I say, Michael Bay, please

  18. it sucks because its always blurry and the editing is so choppy you never have a sense of what the environs are like, so you are never sure what the action even is. This approach to filming action is a cop out because the filmmaker doesnt know how to show action. it sucks because I wouldnt mind seeing a fun action movie about giant robots punching and hitting each other but if I cant tell what is going on then I have to tune this little number out. time to watch wild bunch and french connection again, or even the daniel craig casino royale, at least you can tell what is going on

  19. transformers 4: too tired

  20. I added 2 new items to my movies to avoid list:

    1. Movies with some variation of a Cracken.
    2. Anything Dylan Dog.

  21. To paraphrase Marc Maron, there are millions of people who will watch this trailer, say to their friends, “I bet it’s gonna suck”, still go see it in theaters and walk out saying, “See, told you it was gonna suck.”

    Big Robot Explosion 3: $74mil opening weekend. Paramount fast-tracks Big Robot Explosion 4.

  22. Did no one in the 50000+ crew for this film bother to cue Michael Bay into the whole moon atmosphere sitch? As in, there isn’t one. As in, no fire and explosions, Mike! No sound effects, Mike!

  23. Scenes filmed on Cybertron? Nope. Megatron vs. Starscream power struggle final showdown? Nope. Primus? Nope. Unicron? Nope.

    Transformers 3: Still not the Transformers movie I spent my childhood dreaming about.

  24. Frances McDormand, a little piece of me just died.

  25. So the beginning of this trailer made me think, “Conspiracies? I love conspiracies! This could be worth it.”

    And then Michael Bay’s name showed up, and I realized I was better off working my way through the X-Files.

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