A documentary about teenage magicians is already a pretty incredible concept. Teenage magicians! Surely, if there is a caste system within the nerd community, then the teen magician is ranked even lower than the audio-visual club AND jazz band. But a documentary about teenage magicians from the guys who brought us King of Kong? Don’t even bother shouting “all aboard,” conductor, just pull the train right on out of the station! This looks very good. One adult non-magician, please, The Great Fandango!

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  1. The Bully Project Part II: Do You Believe in Magic?

  2. Is this documentary alliance sanctioned?

  3. So is this what Harry Potter’s based on?

  4. I see the Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part II viral marketing has finally started

  5. Remember kids: Tricks are something a whore does for money. Or candy!

  6. Um Criss Angel is not magic, Criss Angel is stupid, like David Blaine, do not tell teenagers to be like David Blaine kind of creepy magic man

  7. Also I hope the normal looking blonde girl wins because normal looking female magicians don’t really exist, I can’t name one female magician actually

  8. Wait, did Variety spell guaranteed wrong or did the movie trailer people? Important question. Accio answers!

  9. The tagline of this should be “Accio… friends.”

  10. The greatest trick Lance Burton ever pulled was convincing the world he was one of the biggest names in magic.

  11. It’s hard to be a kid who’s into magic, because most other kids really aren’t. But by the time you’re an adult… eh, nope. Nobody likes magic. I’m sure these kids are great at it and stuff, but magic is on a par with mimes and clowns.

  12. I’m not worried about these kids, they’re all winners.

  13. Awww, this touched my heart! I was really into magic for a while when I was like 9-13 years old. I was also a huge nerd and I did feel really cool when I could perform magic tricks. (I also chose NOT to participate in that huge bullying thread from the other day because why.) I hope these kids all win! My magic trick would be to make everyone win.

  14. Speaking of nerd documentaries. the Rock-afire Explosion documentary is now on Hulu. It’s a must watch for all Steve Winwood fans.. so basically me. It’s a must watch for me, but you guys should check it out too. http://www.hulu.com/watch/213600/the-rock-afire-explosion

  15. “Teen magicians are only acceptable in documentary form” – Gabe

  16. True story: I was a teenage magician. Yup. Did little kid birthday parties and everything. Then, the summer before my sophomore year, I lost a lot of weight and decided that if I ever wanted girls to like me, the magic had to go. Without hesitation, I packed up all of those hollowed out coins, folding coins, trick decks, and other magic accoutrement into a big box. They are still sitting there in that big box in my parents basement. #confessiongum #memorygum #nowimsadgum

    The plus side? I can still roll a quarter through my fingers like nobody’s business. I do so often, when I’m bored and have a quarter. Jealous?

  17. I was worried this movie would be too nice – just be sweet kids with no villain. Then they showed ponytail dad and I knew we’d be ok.

  18. I’m going to go ahead and spoil this right now. It’s alright at first, but as it progresses it becomes more and more silly. Once the Quizmaster comes, it’s just like THIS AGAIN?? It’s like, how many tests do you have to pass already? And then the family secret? Horrible pay-off after a season of mucking around!

    Don’t get me started on the College years!

  19. Great idea, give ballots to a bunch of MAGICIANS.

  20. Is this a new show for FOX or something? I just don’t get it.

  21. I hope these teenage magicians don’t turn into adult magicians.

  22. Apparently I have Showtime Future Edition, but I recorded this a few weeks ago and watched it last week. It was actually really moving and I highly recommend it. These kids are all easy to cheer for and there aren’t too many crazy parents pushing them too hard (I suppose this could be debated, but the parents who did seem like they were too pushy seemed to back-off ultimately).

    It’s story arc is nowhere close to “King of Kong,” but it’s still really sweet. Watch it, you guys.

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