Georgie Shore trailer, you WANKERS (get it? I hate it!):

Poor England. First Gwyneth Paltrow buys all their castles, and now this! Just kidding, those bullocks deserve it. NEXT TIME DON’T THROW ALL OUR TEA IN THE OCEAN! I’m sure that I got that right, that it is historically accurate, and that I’ve definitely understood which side did what in the thing that happened. It’s called herstory, look it up. (Of course, in England they call “herstory,” “lorriestory.”) (Via WarmingGlow.)

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  1. Serves them right for getting cool shows like Misfits. This balances it out a little bit.

  2. Somehow watching chavs drink too much Strongbow isn’t as much fun

  3. I watched this last night. Is it real? This can’t be real, right? Is there a Geordie Shore? Do real English people call it that? Are there any UK Monsters who can confirm any of this? I’m going to take a nap now.

  4. “I don’t kiss anyone without a six pack.” “I can talk the back legs off a donkey.”

    These ones have weird powers.

  5. That James guy is built like a Lorry. Dead sexy, he is.

  6. I got excited for a second thinking it would be a bunch of Chavs which would be the best show ever, but then it was just a bunch of guidos* with British accents.

    *You guys call them lorries in the UK.

  7. Gym Tan Lorries

  8. I thought this was England’s version of the Jersey Shore:

  9. These catchphrases are gold.

    “My biggest fear is turning into Gabe.”

  10. I told the girl who’s “fierce, flirty and double-f” that she was alliterative. She threw a drink in my face. sigh. I’ve really got to work on my pick-up routine.

  11. Sampling of shows we import from Britain:
    American Idol, Shameless, Being Human, The Office

    Shows we export to Britain:
    Jersey Shore

    that’s fair, right?

  12. I’m excited for Jay “Rather Quite A Predicament”

  13. How do pasty white English people get such a nuclear shade of orange?

  14. Two England-related posts in one morning? I think someone’s got Royal Wedding Fever.

  15. Just in time for the fast-approaching Royal Smooshing!

  16. Meh. Call me when these two have a baby:

  17. I assume this thread is just an excuse to shamelessly post Jersey Shore gifs right? Right?

  18. Why do all the Jersey Shore spinoffs make Jersey Shore look like high art? How is this possible?

  19. I guess Jersey, UK just isn’t big enough for that many douchebags

  20. Lol Greg looks mad out of place. Them UK’s hoez is pretty hot.

  21. I mean, can you really recreate a show about talentless assholes doing nothing?

    It just won’t be the same.

  22. Oh boy this show appears to join my love of reckless sex with my love of the british accent.

  23. That’s weird because I thought England had already gotten its own Jersey Shore:,55071/

  24. Oh no! I’m from Newcastle. This is worse then when they shut down all the Newcastle Brown Ale mines and everyone had to get a job in Gregs. Seriously though, this is the worst.

  25. MTV and MTV Europe = ))((

    Back and forth forever.

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