Natalie Portman’s dad has written a novel that he is describing as a “fertility-thriller”? Eek! Normal grandfather-to-be jitters, I’m sure.

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  1. I hope it’s called “V is for in Vitro.”

  2. Sounds like a lot of horshlag to me.

  3. That’s funny. “The Fertility Thriller” is what I’ve been calling my penis for years.

  4. That’s weird, “fertility-thriller” was my nickname in college, LADIES.

  5. Real news story here, there are Jewish doctors on Long Island

  6. Congrats in advance to Natalie Portman for winning the 2014 Best Actress for her portrayal of Dr. Anya Krim, the fertility specialist for the President and his wife.

  7. You know, half the episodes of “Maury” could be called “fertility thrillers”, because whodunnit?

  8. This got me thinking, “Spermicidal Tendencies” is good band name, right? Cool, just checking.

  9. “The story then flashes forward 28 years—the boy has grown up to become Hugh Nicholson, the head of a cloning facility where he and his partner, Dr. Jeremy “Cody” Coddington, duplicate dogs for up to $100,000 apiece.”

    Ummmm…I’m getting some really scary flashbacks here!!

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  11. hmmm
    NATALIE Portman
    Natalie Suleman?

  12. “Previously, on LOST…”

  13. Some say her ovaries shrunk three sizes that day.

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