America faces many threats. We are currently engaged in two foreign wars, three if you include our incursion in Libya. Our economy struggles to recover from the devastating housing bubble burst of 2008. Today, the sitting President of the United States was forced to upload a PDF of his fucking birth certificate because Y’ALL IS RACIST. And a sub-par American Idol rip-off, which itself has far-outstayed its welcome, The Voice, debuted to huge ratings because apparently what America needs now is another reality show determined to find someone who can sing acceptable covers of three-year-old pop songs and/or Motown. But there is perhaps no greater threat to the current American way of life than squirrels getting their heads caught in yogurt cups. (We must also stay vigilant about the growing danger of raccoons getting their heads caught in peanut butter jars. But one problem at a time, please.) It’s hard to believe that it’s 2011 and yet squirrels heads are not yet safe from yogurt cups.

But, as Videogum reader Jordan points out, one yogurt manufacturer is taking courageous steps to end this scourge! Yoplait is now printing warnings on their packaging letting the squirrels know that they should be careful of these cups and their heads. ENHANCE:

Your move, Danon Fruit On The Bottom. Stay safe out there, you squirrels.

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  1. I am proud to say that I graduated from Furman University, the same honorable institution where that squirrel got his head stuck and somebody filmed it. Hail, alma mater!

  2. Crush the cup, like you crushed your dreams of ever finding a man, lonely single woman eating yogurt in your pajama jeans

    • Ughhhhh but my period is too heavy for me to have the strength to crush all these yogurt cups! Tonight it looks like I’ll be crying alone with my salad. #ladystereotypes

  3. I don’t think that Obama was born outside of the United States, but I find it ridiculous that those who do would accept a PDF as proof.Obama was able to fake his birthplace well enough to become president, but forging a scanned copy of a document? No way! That shit is legit!

    • Especially because I am pretty sure Donald Trump could hop in a time machine, kill Hitler, and then go to the hospital where Obama was born and still say it was somehow in Kenya.

    • You can tell it’s fake because of the stamp in the lower right hand corner:

    • ” Well, uh, well…. where’s BIDEN’S CERTIFICATE? Dude looks like a damn Canadian to me! WHERE’S YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE JOE ?! ” – some birther, probably.

  4. How about “Protect Wildlife: PUT IN THE RECYCLING BIN”

  5. Finally an excuse to post this picture of a squirrel dressed as Harry Potter preparing for the Tri-Wizard Tournament!

  6. And printed on the inside of the cup: “Hang in there, it gets better”

  7. Jamie Lee Curtis reference

  8. This is, like, getting-my-head-stuck-in-a-yogurt-cup good. #unusedviraladvertising

  9. Yoplait isn’t vegetarian. I ate it once and got really sick. There’s no warning for that.

  10. If only recycling would feel as good as crushing cups.

  11. Don’t they know that squirrels with Yoplait cups on their heads are the best advertising they can get? This comment would be longer but I’ve got to rush off and sell my stock in Yoplait right now…

  12. Your move, Dannon.

  13. What’s a wildlife crush cup, and why does it need protecting before disposal? #punctuationmatters


  15. From what I recall, that warning was actually there before.

  16. Does this mean Gabe was sitting around eating Yoplait? Cause that’s kind of great.

  17. I used to have band practice in the garage of the guy who created “House of Cosbys”!

    And my friend Abed is the real life inspiration for Abed of Community fame!

    Oh boy, wow!

  18. Also, please crush your buckets.

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