Let us honor the memory of Soft Gabe by discussing last night’s episode of Glee together, LIKE A FAMILY.

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  1. Okay, did anybody else TOTALLY not realize that Karofsky was gay before last night’s episode? That time he kissed Kurt, I thought he just tripped and fell onto Kurt’s lips! Color me surprised!

  2. I honored the departing of Soft Gabe by completely removing Glee from my DVR lineup. I honored him with a song & dance number to the tune of Boys II Men’s rendition of ‘Yesterday’.

  3. “Likes Boys” is my t-shirt. It should be EVERYONE’S T-SHIRT.

  4. This may totally ruin any credibility I ever had on here, but I caught myself smiling pretty much the whole way through the Barbara Streisand mall flash mob. I thought it was really cute!

  5. apparently people like the episode? I thought it was pretty awful.

    the 90 minutes was bloated. It’s nice to have Kurt back and all that blahblah, but his solo started a little boring for me. By the end I liked it, but it was a little long. it’s not like he’s actually been gone from the show all this time, so this plus the Keane song was a little bit of an overkill for me.

    the flash mob was stupid and way too long.

    Will is the worst teacher/friend/attemptedOCDtherapist ever.
    although, on VH1s OCD project they had this woman drive a car while they threw baby dolls at her screaming “you’re killing the children,” so maybe his methods weren’t too off base…

  6. I’ve been super confused the last couple of weeks because they keep mentioning Quinn and all the other ladies in Glee Club wanting to be prom queen, but aren’t they juniors? Only seniors can become prom queen, rightttt?

  7. All I could think of last night was how excited I was to read Soft Gabe’s recap because of all the hot Santana momentz and then I remembered… 4/20/11 NEVER FORGET!!!

  8. i missed it? AGAIN?

  9. Whoa! continues to play the part of the absentee dad in the Glee-watching-family.

  10. If I can’t get Soft Gabe anymore, I’d at least like Glee to get a little more Mary Cherry.

  11. This image made me laugh far, far too loudly.

  12. Cat Diseases was my favorite thing

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