This elaborate, cool, and totally charming lip dub video of “Thriller” made by French community college students is just about the happiest thing on the internet this week. If you don’t crack a smile, you’re weird:

Having never been to France, I’m just going to assume that that’s what all French people are like: joyfully working together on making everything more fun. Also, how cute is it that most of them obviously don’t really know all of the words?

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  1. Genevieve  |   Posted on Oct 22nd, 2008 0

    That was so awesome. I loved how 1/2 of them didn’t know the english words, but who cares, they all did excellent. I wanna go to France now!! And specifically that college, some cute guys there >;o)

  2. This is french COMMUNITY college? Where are all the 30 year old stoners?

  3. And the ones pretending to smoke a hookah don’t count

  4. french win.

    this is the best.

    (what’s with all the people wearing jerseys? it must be ‘wear a jersey day’ in france.)

  5. they were all so excited to be in this video! some of the guys are so excited, they forgot to wear shirts. the tecktonik dancing was terrible, but it is okay! the surfer was carrying an ironing board, but everything is alright in the world!

  6. simonsays  |   Posted on Oct 22nd, 2008 0

    steadicam anyone?

    • Leah  |   Posted on Oct 22nd, 2008 0

      Yeah seriously. This was not shot on handheld. It is so seamless that I wonder if it was one shot…

      • I watched this ten times. There’s no real plausible place that they could have cut. Seriously, Michel Gondry is shitting his pants right now.

  7. this would never happen in an american university/college

    also, whats up with all the shirtlessness?

  8. Joseph  |   Posted on Oct 22nd, 2008 +1

    Did Gus Van Sant directed this too?

  9. Hil  |   Posted on Oct 22nd, 2008 +1

    My favorite is the French Biker Gang that Plays Pool, especially Guy Who Uses Baseball Bat as Microphone.

  10. Ashley  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    Well, at least this is keeping those French kids off the street.

    Where they would normally be rioting.

    That was insensitive. This video is great!

  11. bob dobbs  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 +3

    “…Having never been to France, I’m just going to assume that that’s what all French people are like: joyfully working together on making everything more fun…”

    I lived there for years and still spend many months a year there and Yes…Yes!!! that is so true….you have NEVER been to France!!

  12. Moritz  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 -2

    Well, I think there couldn’t be anything further from reality of french universities. As there is no such thing as a numerus clausus, everybody gets to study everything. As consequence, theres one year of massive stress to sort people out. On top of the class-related stress, people try to steal your notes, sometimes burn each others cars or rip sites out of books in the library so noone else can read the pages, mentioned by the professor. At least this is what my girlfried told me, she was 1 year in Lille and changed to a university in germany, where studying was fun – before starting to use the BA / MA System.

    Funny movie though :)

  13. larry  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    Napoleon Dynamite at 2:30. Napoleon was French,right?

  14. Hi guys I’m French and I have to tell you that this not a common thing in France at all ;) This is from an IT College, so all of them are major geeks, and this is a very small section of this college so they are only a hundred of students over there. Quite easy to know everyone then ;)
    It was probably organized by the students board, who can sometimes have a LOT of money and time to spend (A friend of mine who studies phamarcy told me that his student board has 40 000 euros a year just to make ONE show with all the students and teachers. And they have even more moeny for open bar parties…)

    @moritz : your girlfriend was probably in a prep school where you study 2 years to have a big test before being allowed to a College. Only 70 people make it each year in all the country ( thousands of candidates). Some students can then be very competitive, but it is not the case everywhere. Most of them are more suportive to eachother because the pressure is very high.
    But 95% students go to community college (as I did), and most of them don’t know 10% of their class because they have their own friends outside the college.
    This was a big comment ! I hope I wasn’t too long.
    But all in all, this is just a GREAT Lip Dub, the directing was pretty good. (I think they study cinema as well)
    Cheers, Paul.

  15. Hey there!
    My name’s Alexandre LEMERLE, and I’m student at the Institute of Technology of Rouen (FRANCE), in the Communication and Network Services department (IUT de Rouen, Département SRC in French); and I’m one of the shooted students.
    What to say other than “Thanks a lot for such a kind message about our Lipd Dub” ?
    The originality of our project is that we regrouped 140 people in 11 different settings with just as many costumes and situations (Goths, jockeys, rich kids, geeks, ect.).
    In order to get maximum results we employed a SteadiCam, which allows for an entertaining and pleasant video ; furthermore, the SteadiCamer was a famous one : Mister Hervé COLOSIO ! (he’s one of France Television [the french state-owned broadcasting channel] famous SteadiCamer).
    So, as an answer to a comment, no, we didn’t stage the rush during post production : this is a one shot clip, without turning off the camera at any moment !
    I’m (and all the students aswell) very glad to see that most of you enjoyed our Lip Dub… ^^
    So, don’t hesitate to send this link to all your contacts, even pets or UFO’s ; it helps us being world wide known and lets showing that french people can have fun !
    To finish this long message, come to discover France whenever you want !

  16. Esmie  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    Guess I’m weird. It’s a sweet idea, but pretty boring to watch. That said I bet it was fun for the students involved and that makes it cool for them.

  17. arcanes  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 +1

    C’est vrai Alex, Hervé, il est super bon, mais le réal, c’est le meilleur ;-)

  18. i think i just died from the cuteness of alexandre’s comment.
    so earnest! tres charmant! (is ‘comment’ a male or female noun? anyone?)

  19. Bravo Alex oui ;) Comment is a male noun in French, caringiscool ;)

  20. Hey thanks Caringiscool !

    C’est Mathieu derrière le pseudo Arcanes ? ^^

    But you’re right, big up to our Director (Mister PEM) and to Mr President (il se reconnaîtra, hein Laurent !)…


  21. That is so awesome. I love that they saved the juggalos for the grand finale! I wish my school did cool stuff like this. I go to an art school where most student film projects are (I assume, I’m in fiction writing) all artsy fartsy and lack soundtracks from the king of pop.

    Good job, Alexadre.

  22. Mainbig  |   Posted on Oct 26th, 2008 0

    Who’s Alexandre Lemerle. American system filtre!!

  23. Adorable. I hope Michael has been watching the world salivate over his contributions and getting as much enjoyment of them as we do. That said, why is this man in debt??

  24. @ Mainbig : Here I am ! I’m Alexandre LEMERLE ! ;)


  25. stump blankenship  |   Posted on Oct 29th, 2008 0

    This is so awesome, and the French guy chiming in is, frankly, adorable. What unfettered fun. This would never happen in America, at any school. Too many pretentious people to pull it off – would be way out of the comfort zone of American kids.

    Kudos to IT geeks in France. I want to be all of your friends.

    Hella Jealous American

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