Michelle Obama looking on as Al Roker and Kelly Ripa go Lady and the Tramp on a crepe? Sure. You know what, sure. At this point: sure. If anything, it would be weird NOT to see a photograph of Michelle Obama looking on as Al Roker and Kelly Ripa go Lady and the Tramp on a crepe. I’m sure if this photo didn’t exist, the President of the United States would have reached across party lines to get an emergency bill signed into law creating a government-subsidized task force to organize a photo of Michelle Obama looking on as Al Roker and Kelly Ripa go Lady and the Tramp on a crepe. Even John Boehner would be like “the people have spoken!” So, people, you got what you wanted, now caption it.

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. Yum! (Via MSNBC.)

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  1. I, for one, am just thrilled to see Kelly eating *anything*.

    • That’s mean of Al to try to take it from her, though. She clearly needs the nutrition.

      • “Finally, delicious sustenance,” thought Kelly as she brought the warm crepe to her mouth. “This week my weekly meal will be a good one.” Just as the steam rising off of the delicious breakfast treat hit her nose, she saw him. Roker. He was approaching, and fast. She tried to cram the crepe into her mouth quickly–no time to taste–but, as the old saying goes, by the time you’ve spotted Roker, it’s too late. As she felt him latch on to the other end of her no-longer solo meal, tears sprang to her eyes. “No crepe for Kelly,” she mused. “No crepe at all.”

  2. Two craps eating a crepe

  3. “Now let’s see what’s going on in your mouth of the woods.”

  4. You know I think we finally found the cure for childhood obesity, no one will want to eat after watching this, good work team

  5. “What a bunch of crepe.” –that little girl on the right.

  6. Worst live sex show EVER.

  7. “Someone show me the girth certificate!”

  8. Al Roker and Kelly Ripa enjoy a date crepe.

  9. This is all part of her plan to turn America into a communist wasteland; equal distribution of crepes.

  10. See, this crepe is the budget, and Al Roker and Kelly Ripa represent republicans and democrats, respectively. What we need to do is meet halfway, in an awkward lip-lock that represents all of our tenuous compromises and bargains, thus assuring mutual satisfaction and, dare I say it, love.

  11. “NO NO NO; GO FOR THE JUGULAR!!!” – Regis, looking on

  12. The network wars are getting really ugly.

  13. “Don’t you mean ‘Al Roker and Kelly Ripa enjoy a freedom pancake?’” -The Tea Party

  14. I want to eat her crepe
    -Steve Winwood probably

  15. “It’s days like this when my job feels like ‘Worst Lady.’” -Michelle Obama

  16. “Post-Racial America, Indeed”

  17. “Just patiently waiting my turn.” – Michelle Obama

    Which of the two is she waiting to share with though?

  18. If you take the pans out of the picture, it kinda looks like Al Roker and Kelly Ripa are giving birth to a baby chick through both of their mouths while Michelle Obama looks on in horror.

  19. “It’s Top Scallops, not Top Crepes!”

  20. “Shit, do I have to find a white guy to eat this with now?”

  21. Michelle Obama forces Al Roker and Kelly Ripa reenact Jungle Fever in her presence, is unimpressed with the unrealistic performances.

  22. Meanwhile on Earth2, Cindy McCain is watching Charles Gibson and Ricki Lake share a McRib.

  23. Michelle Obama’s crusade against childhood obsesity appears to be centered around setting up photo opportunities that ensure that no one in America is ever hungry again.

  24. “This is what I went to Princeton and Harvard for?”

  25. I’m the first lady of the United States, you think I’ve gotta go borrow somebody’s crepe? Hey man, can I borrow your crepe? How ’bout you? You got one?

  26. Creping back and forth, forever.

  27. Politics.

  28. I puke into your mouth hole and you puke into my mouth hole… back and forth… forever.

  29. “Gross”

  30. “I’m not going to say the word I’m thinking of”

  31. “Now THAT is post-racial!”

  32. “Black women are probably used to watching black men give this attention to white women.” – racialist type comedy stylings of either Chris Rock or the puppet guy whats his name, the puppet guy Gabe hates

  33. “That was the week-old prop crepe, but I guess. Sure.”

  34. “I hate it when I have to do favors for Jack Donaghy. Stupid Princeton Alumni fundraisers.”

  35. Michelle Obama ceases being proud of her country.

  36. “fucking white people”

  37. “Al Roker, Kelly Ripa AND crepes? Thats some white nonsense.”

  38. “I hate post-racial America”
    - Michelle Obama

  39. “What is this, fucking kindergarten?” – little girl, right

  40. “We’ll just stick with the obesity, if that’s cool.” – children

  41. “……must fire the bozo who booked this gig…”
    – Michele Obama

  42. That guy doing the shot-by-shot remake of Requiem For A Dream is seriously messing up the details.

  43. “ten years ago he would have eaten the skinny bitch too”

  44. Anti-Obesity Task Force Goal #1: Make people never want to eat again.

  45. “This is worse than watching Jay-Z and Gwyneth Paltrow doing a “Fuck Tha Police” karaoke duet.”

  46. Al Roker finally solves the riddle: Do the carpets match the crepes?

  47. Suuuuuuuuuuure, guys, you both have “migraines.”

  48. Unrelated but sensational. Footage of STEVE WINWOOD enjoying quiet time with family. No really. Exclusive.


  49. You there, CREPE OR DEATH?

    Uh, death please.

  50. Not pictured: An invitation.

  51. “Freeze arms at 90 degree angles and freeze, tense bicep muscles to the count of 3… 2… 1… and Take A Bite.”

  52. But is it an app or a ‘sert?

  53. A moment later, Kelly Ripa was gone and Al Roker looked exactly like he did in the 90s.

  54. Michelle: “So honey, how was your day?”

    Obama: “Not so good, dear. The Republicans are nailing me to the wall on these gas prices and my authorization of $25 million in non-lethal aid to the Libyan rebels, Donald Trumps has hit the airwaves bringing up that birth certificate nonsense again even though the claims are completely unfounded, and the usual pressure of my constituents has just about tripled as I gear up for the 2012 election. So not so good, dear. I’ve had better days. How was your day?”

    Michelle: “Well, I was front and center when Al Roker and Kelly Ripa went all ‘Lady and the Tramp’ on a crepe.”

    Obama: “Jesus CHRIST, honey. I am so sorry.”

  55. Of all the strange new ‘perks’ of first lady-hood, Michelle found having her food pre-chewed by celebrities the hardest to get used to.

  56. After storing and partially digesting gourmet food in her crop, the mother TV personality regurgitates crepes to feed her young.
    -Michelle Obama, Nature Documentarian

  57. “White People…” ~Michelle Obama

  58. She didn’t believe in angels until she fell in love with one.

  59. woozefa  |   Posted on Apr 26th, 2011 +2

    “Screw this crepe nonsense…Woozefa’s back on Videogum!”

  60. I think its safe to assume neither of these two will be invited to the Reelection Campaign Crepe Dinner

  61. I think its safe to assume neither of these two will be invited to the Reelection Campaign Crepe Dinner

  62. ))((

  63. “Ass to ass!”

    (I’m sorry.)

  64. That’s just Kelly pulling out her R-R-R-Roker face (mum mum mum mah)

  65. Is Al Roker wearing a pair of Ermenegildo Zegna pants?

  66. I don’t think context would have helped this. It just…is

  67. “Stuff White People Like”

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