This is just a good interview.

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  1. This is just a good blurb.

  2. Where do you get your ideas?
    beep beep vroom, crash
    Michael Bay said the same thing

  3. I just realized that this movie was a Fast and the Furious sequel. I thought the title was describing the characters, like “The Dirty Dozen” or “The Seven Samurai”. I’ll never get a job in Hollywood. :(

  4. Wait, this is real? This isn’t a joke? Oh, heavens.

  5. Wow, Alan Smithee seems to get younger with time.

  6. “Girls are kinda gross to work with, but still it was good.”
    - American industry just post-WWII


  8. “Drink juice, play with legos.” #HollywoodPostItNote

  9. If I were in charge of marketing this movie I would send those onion people a thank you note and a nice bottle of wine, even though I know they’re all beer snobs.

  10. If I were making this movie, after hiring the Rock and Vin Diesel I would just call up every other serious bald guy in Hollywood. Jason Statham, Patrick Stewart. I think Delroy Lindo is bald, now. I would bring Telly Sevalas back from the dead. It would be the BALDEST, TOUGHEST MOVIE ever.

  11. Next sequel will be “Sixth Gear” and will be split equally between time in manual-shifting cars and children’s bikes as Vin, Paul AND the Rock ROB IRAQ’S DISNEY WORLD. Book it. #HollywoodPostItNote

  12. Well I for one am looking forward to the next six hundred sequels. I hear Fast 4our hundred 2wenty thr33 has dragons!

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