The idea of a woman who refuses to sleep with another man until she knows he’s the one she’s going to marry because she read in a ladies’ magazine that you can’t get married after you’ve had 20 romantic partners and she’s had 19 is a perfectly reasonable and entirely unexciting premise for a romantic comedy. A bit of a snooze, really. (Incidentally, the first time I heard of this movie was in that New Yorker profile of Anna Faris. Did you read that? You should read that. It was good!) For one thing, as a premise, it’s really stuck between two eras, right? Like, the era where a woman can even HAVE 20 romantic partners, and an era where all a woman wants is to get married. But perhaps that’s where we’re at as a society. Wait, could it be that What’s Your Number? is actually a perfect depiction of modern femininity? JUST KIDDING! I will tell you this, though: Anna Faris is very good, and that supporting cast is VERY GOOD! Chris Pratt! Andy Samberg! Thomas Lennon! And I didn’t even realize how much I missed Martin Freeman until just now. Missed you so much, buddy. Welcome home.

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  1. I’m always amazed by the way everybody seems to love Anna Faris (myself included), despite the fact that nearly every movie she has been in has been pretty terrible. She’s pretty much Katherine Heigl’s role model at this point.

    • I think that Smiley Face was pretty great.

      • That’s why I said NEARLY every movie. I liked Smiley Face, and there might be one or two others she was in that were good? I liked the first Scary Movie when it was new and original-ish and also I was like 12. But I can’t think of anything else she’s been in that was any good. Scary Movie 2 – 28? The Hot Chick? The House Bunny? Smiley Face is really the only good example that comes to mind.

        • RE Scary Movie – I think it’s because you were 12. I was 22 at the time, and I remember being embarrassed for everyone involved.

          Still, I like Anna Faris, and hope that some day she’ll do a string of good movies.

        • Lost in Translation. She was great in that, basically playing Cameron Diaz.

      • That scene in Smiley Face when she was talking about getting a picture of President Garfield to hang on her mantle so every would know she likes lasagna was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.

    • I think people like Anna Faris because, even though some of the roles she’s taken have been crappy, she still fully commits. On the other hand, I feel like I can see Katherine Heigl calculating her paycheck with every line she delivers.

      • I don’t think it helps that Katherine Heigl has tried to make it clear in several interviews that she’s a feminist, and then does disgusting, totally sexist movies like “The Ugly Truth.”

    • Wasn’t she in Observe and Report? That was pretty great. Also some people really seem to love Waiting.

      • “Wasn’t she in Observe and Report? Trivializing rape is pretty gross. And some people really seem to Waiting (no rape, major plus, but Dane Cook so, nope!).” There. Fixed!

  2. I look at that trailer and all I can think is… my fiance is going to want to see that. Maybe I shouldn’t get married. Thanks, “What’s Your Number?”

    • The test of whether you should marry someone isn’t which movies they’ll want to see, but whether they’ll force you to go to movies you don’t want to see.

  3. What a weird looking misogynist society.

  4. So, the plot of the movie revolves around the lead character being one of those people who makes major life choices based on bogus ladymag statistics? Sounds really good. No sarcasmo.*


  5. i’ll see anything with chris evans even push starring chris evans and dakota fanning where dakota fanning can see the future and chris evans can push things

  6. “What’s Your Number” from the mind of M. Night Shyamalamadingdong. At the end, it turns out that TWIST the magazine article was written by Kate Hudson’s character from How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days!

  7. I have learned via The New Yorker, that Anna Faris is married to Chris Pratt; and that Chris Pratt was shooting a bow and arrow in their yard. I would so love being their neighbor.

  8. The logic is way off there–you have to marry every 20th guy you sleep with? Isn’t polygamy illegal? That’s just crazy.

    • IS polygamy illegal, though? Immoral, to be sure. But while you can definitely lose half your stuff because of it, is it actually a thing that a person could go to jail for?

      • I think you are confusing “polygamy” with “bigamy,” and bigamy is indeed illegal. Sorry everyone, but thats one to grow on.

        • Ah, okay. So bigamy is illegal. That’s the last time I study for the bar by watching Big Love.

        • But if you sleep with 60 people, then that bigamy jumps straight the hell up to trigamy. Throw in another 20, and you’re at quadrigamy. But I’m pretty sure they’re all still polygamy.

          And PS, I now realize that yes, bigamy IS illegal. My mind was going straight to plain ole’ adultery-style boning instead of multiple marriages, because it is early and also I am a dumb-dumb.

  9. Six. No, Seven.

    No. Six.

    Six, I’m pretty sure. Six.

    • I see you’re a bit confused as to what does or does not count. Allow me to clarify:

      -Any encounters in Vegas should not be counted, unless you are currently in Vegas.

      -You should not include yourself in the tally.

      -Even if they might look like a totally different person when you see them sober the next morning, that still counts as one, not two.

  10. Article was good. Good/sad explanation of the dumbing down process– how an ok projet becomes a homogenized crap sandwich by the incremental taking out of interesting elements.

    And we are saying her movies suck? We are all pretending that ‘house bunny’ wasn’t a totally enjoyable guilty pleasure? Ok. Hated it! I only like smart movies!! No glossy B minus hollywood trash for me. No sir!


    7 8 9

  12. I just hope that by tracking down her exes she can realize what a catch is standing next to her the whole time, while at the same time HE realizes that he’s ready to settle down with someone too!

    Sample Review- “What a twist ending!” – M Night Shamylan

  13. I think Hollywood is getting better at helping to discredit unfair stereotypes. For instance Anna Farris, a woman, uses math.

  14. I already saw this, when it was called “Lucky Seven,” with Patrick Dempsey (don’t judge me). It was terrible then, so I’m assuming it will be just as terrible now.

  15. I <3 Martin Freeman so so much! He's gonna play Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit movies.

    *pushes up nerd glasses; goes to find red stapler

  16. Plot summary: Anna Faris sleeps with the leading men of Jeb’s favorite TV shows. The twist: She somehow skips Timothy Oliphant.

  17. It’s like a Kate Hudson film accidentally got assigned to a really good casting director, and now I don’t know how to feel about it. I only like HATING things or LOVING things, so this trailer is totally screwing up my day.

  18. I like to think of women’s magazines as the stock market of misogyny. So there’s all this real misogyny out there, dudes behaving all shady and blowing off girls who aren’t ashamed of sex, or whatever, but it’s not the only thing happening. Then women’s mags make bets about what’s going to be the next hot misogynistic trend to capitalize on it, and everybody reacts to the magazine as if it’s the problem, rather than the weird secret unspoken shit that’s actually happening.

    What do I know, though? I stopped counting at 30.

    • But internalised misogyny makes change really, really difficult – how can the status quo shift if women – or really, tween girls — read this thoughtless junk and come to believe they are only permitted to behave within the designated perimeters? Of course there are free thinking people out there, and people who will scoff at most of the crap, but they are still shaped by the media they grow up with and the dominant discourse gives them no room to counter the images and views being imposed on them.

      This is absolutely not to say there are not men out there doing the worst possible things to women because they believe women are not important.

      Just, somebody think of the children! Give them Simone de Beauvoir and Judith Butler and a pile of others they can argue with and really think about


      • YES. Or not even Judith Butler, but just, as this actually pretty terrific NYT piece just reminded everyone, “Thelma and Louise.” It’s not actually that hard to create movies in which female characters have desires that are unrelated to marriage and motherhood!

      • And the stock market has a profound effect on what happens in “real” business transactions (as opposed to speculation), so in effect what seems to be a commentary on economics in effect becomes a cause of economic decision-making. So yeah, in a way, it’s pointless to say one or the other is exclusively to blame, but I do think there is a dangerous tendency to point the finger at misogynist women for perpetuating messages that are a response to the murky territory of the experience of male misogyny.

        Most of these magazine articles, IME, are all about trying to give straight men even more of a voice about how women should behave–lots of interviews with individual dudes like “Steven P says, ‘Maybe it’s just me but I just don’t like women who have slept around’” etc. And instead of the commentary responding with “Steven P. can suck a dick” it says, “Let’s take this really seriously and start worrying about it.” Ugh.

        But, yeah, give a young girl other things to read when she is a child and when she is old she will think Cosmo and Glamour are written by aliens from outer space.

  19. Um, is there a way to read this article in the New Yorker without subscribing?

  20. Needs more Anna Faris falling down.

  21. Do you guys think she’ll hook up with the friend across the hall? Seems far fetched…

  22. I don’t even care, this movie has 100% boyfs + adorbs Anna Faris. I’ve already bought myself twenty tickets for it.

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