We always knew that Brokencyde were assholes, but we didn’t know they were, like, assholes assholes. It makes sense, though.

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  1. Well, somebody’s gotta defend art in this world.

  2. I’m really sorry about this you guys.

    • You know, I’m 27 years old and I’ve already been putting up with your generations shit for way too long. Would you guys just go to bed already because I don’t want to live another 50-60 years in ths garbage pile you’ve created?

  3. Now, that’s what I call music-related brawls!

  4. Said Brokencyde member-
    “We didn’t jump anyone! Ur boy started popping off and got what happens! REALLY OVER MUSIC? grow up. A guy was talking shit for awhile and then he said it to the wrong guy and got socked up n the other guy that got into it got served as well! And all OVER MUSIC?! people need to grow up.”

    So it sounds like you, Brokencyde, jumped someone OVER MUSIC and that your shitty asshole band totally needs to grow up.

  5. Wait, Brokencyde is from Albuquerque? Damn it! I can only try to defend New Mexico for so long.

  6. Also anyone else wish there was a way to not have seen the picture of the guy who was beat up? Some of us do not like looking at pictures like that?

  7. “We’ll keep you posted as more details emerge.”

    That’s okay, I’m good.

  8. I believe the correct term for the Brokencyde dudes is pussy assholes. “Street brawl”? I’ll bet.

  9. I don’t care which of you started it. Just say you’re sorry, go outside and play. Mommy has a headache*

    *when your five-year-old children are Brokencyde and Punchline, you’re going to have a lot of headaches.

  10. there’s a punchline somewhere here…oh well.

  11. When will this eastcoast-westcoast nonsense finally end?!? First Biggie and Tupac, now that dude from Punchline (the white people’s answer to Drumline?)!

    IT’S. GOT. TO. STOP!

  12. c’mon fellas….

  13. The real victim in this whole Punchline/@brokeNCYDEreal fiasco is grammar.

  14. Brokencyke < Wyld Stallyns

  15. BrokencyDe. “Brokencyke” would be the thing that members of Brokencyde say after pulling a sweet prank.

  16. Not for nothing, but as a Pittsburgher (or Piksberger as we say) check out the album they are giving away for free – it really is great. Their earlier albums are great too, some I like more than others (37 Everywhere!) and now I just sound like a fangirl trying to plug some great guys music after such a ridiculous event. But um, they have no neon shirt wearing pigs in their videos, completed with screams and fake Jack Daniels. So I guess there is that. Plus they have an song on there about Lost so how can you go wrong? Lost!

    Back to my silent monsterdom :)

  17. Anyone else remember when Vince Neil challenged Axl Rose to a fight, and Sammy Hagar said they could do it in his yard?

  18. The Brokencyde concert ‘Taking One for the Team’ post remains one of the funniest things I’ve ever read on Videogum. I’m off to read it again and laugh til I cry, instead of doing my job!

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