Roger Ebert continues to be the best.

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  1. So, does he get his EGOT now, or what?

    • He has to win our caption contest too for that

      • Oh, that’s what I meant. Other caption contests don’t count? Crap. I was totally counting my “Ask Jeeves/Zune fansite” Caption Contest win.

      • A pretty good tip regarding that from this very article:

        “…contest winners usually generate lots of captions. Studies of creativity have shown that quantity breeds quality—what I call the productivity theory, because high productivity corresponds to high creativity.”

        How do you get to the Monster’s Ball? Refresh, refresh, refresh.

  2. I think this may make me forgive him for writing a negative review of “Brazil” when it first came out.

  3. Cartoon caption contests can never be a real art.

  4. I’d like to submit a caption to Ebert’s review of Zoolander, which includes him blaming the 9/11 attacks on Zoolander. I think Zoolander is a terrific and fun movie, made me chuckle some, Will Ferrell is really funny in it and the whole “Mer-MAN!” bit was funny. But to blame that movie for the 9/11 attacks is stupid. Ebert is not the best. I think my caption for his review of that movie would be “Unsubscribe!”

    • Well, your criticism of Ebert is just as humourless as his criticism of Zoolander, but at least he had the excuse of 9/11 having just happened.

      “You briefly lost your trademark wit and perception in the immediate aftermath of a national tragedy!”
      - Steve Winwood
      “And soon, I will go back to being smart and funny, but you will always be Steve Winwood.”
      - Roger Ebert

  5. “It’s not that I think my cartoon captions are better than anyone else’s, although some weeks, understandably, I do. It’s that just once I want to see one of my damn captions in the magazine EDIT: blog that publishes the best cartoons EDIT: material in the world. Is that too much to ask?” — Cakeordeath

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