Antoine Dodson was arrested over the weekend on charges of marijuana possession, and Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 120 days in jail. Smooth criminals or THE SMOOTHEST criminals?! Stay in school, you guys.

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  1. I think the antoine dodson article already made all the puns that were possible in this situation

  2. I’m not surprised about Lindsay Lohan, but I am shocked about Antoine Dodson. You were supposed to be the best of us, Antoine!!!

  3. When reached for comment, Dodson’s attorney claimed that the police lacked probably cause to snatch him up.

  4. In his defense, he tried to tell everyone at the party to cover up, but they didn’t take him seriously when he demanded that they “hide yo’ joints, hide yo’ bongs.”

  5. And D.A.N.C.E. is still a great song

  6. That last line of the Lohan report about Lindsay’s dad ejaculating in Dina’s vagina was totally necessary. Celebrity News blogs- keeping journalism professional since never.

  7. Lindsey will be released just in time to be Shellbomber’s maid-of-honor. Whew!

  8. This Justice Roundup could use more Ruth Bader Ginsburg barrel racing and Clarence Thomas calf roping.

  9. Dammit. I thought this was the “Just Ice” round-up*. Now how am I supposed to cool this room temperature glass of soda?

    *Monster Q&A
    Q: FLW, are you above co-opting a 20-something year old joke from Night Court to comment on a story about two people you couldn’t care less about?
    A: No. No I am not.

  10. “The sweetest seahorse of Alabama…” Wait, WHAT?! Is that a real nickname? How do I get a street tag as amazing as “The Sweetest Seahorse of Alabama”? Is he a prize fighter on the side or something?

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