Easter is this Sunday. Is everyone excited for the traditional Scaring of the Children?

Remind me: the giant rabbit in the window is Jesus, and there is an egg for every day he was in that cave? And that’s why so many Christians hate gay people? PLEASE EXPLAIN! (Via DangerousMinds.)

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  1. When I was a kid, all Easter meant to me was eating candy until I vomit. Now that I’m a full grown man, the big difference is that I get to choose the candy myself. Anybody want to make a bet on whether or not I can eat 50 cadbury creme eggs?

  2. Things that scare us in childhood can arouse us sexually in adulthood…so I think these kids are now furries.

  3. It gets better notsewfast

  4. Actually, I think the eggs symbolize rebirth, and the bunny is included because bunnies are cute. Especially lops:

  5. I was at the mall the other day and saw the creepiest looking Easter Bunny. I don’t know how kids weren’t screaming in terror when they were sitting on its lap.

  6. There’s an Eddie Izzard bit that explains this… but I’ve become so lazy I don’t even have the energy to copy and paste the transcript of it.


  7. Particularly terrifying are the bunnies at the White House Easter Egg Roll each year. Those costumes came straight from the nightmare factory.

  8. happy easter to all, and to all a bok-meow!

  9. Actually I thought the sequel was waaaay scarier.

  10. Watership Down Syndrome

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