The whole James Franco thing was already exhausting but now it is just absurd. From the HuffingtonPost:

James Franco has won a spot in a University of Houston creative writing program.

The university confirms that the actor nominated for the 2010 Academy Award for best actor in “127 Hours” has been accepted for the school’s doctoral program in literature and creative writing. Creative writing program director James Kastely tells the Houston Chronicle that Franco plans to enroll in September 2012.

Wait, ANOTHER creative writing degree? Shit doesn’t even make sense anymore. Why does he need another creative writing degree? Even one creative writing degree is TOO MANY. Besides that, the whole point of an MFA is to have the time to work on your writing, and also to make industry connections that might help you to get your work published. That’s it. No one actually cares about sitting around a table with your peers talking about the forced symbolic intention of the divorced dad’s Honda Civic in the second chapter, or whatever. And the degree’s usefulness in terms of furthering one’s job prospects is negligible. But Franco’s over-scheduling negates the whole “taking time to write thing,” and it is by choice, because he more than most people could take as much time as he wanted to, if he wanted to. On top of that, he can get a book published in a heartbeat based on his celebrity alone, regardless of the book’s quality, (and has), so he doesn’t need the industry connections. So what the fuck is this even ABOUT? He is going to be a professor? Duh Aficionado Magazine: he is not going to be a professor. I have said it before and I will say it again: GO TO BED, DOCTOR JAMES FRANCO. (Thanks for the tip, Christopher and Henning.)

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  1. Being unaware of the American education system, I can only assume that MFA stands for “MOAR FUCKING ACADEMIA!!!”

  2. “Kastely says 20 students are chosen from about 400 applicants each year.”

    What a coincidence that it would go to a well-known celebrity, then! Good thing he was definitely the most qualified and did not screw someone else out of something that they probably poured their heart and soul into applying for.

    • James Franco’s the kind of guy who would fuck your girlfriend even though he was kind of tired and didn’t really think she was that hot but JUST FUCKING BECAUSE.

    • Given his insane academic resume, is it that far fetched to think that maybe he actually looked like a great candidate for this program?

      • It actually *is* kind of weird for someone who has a graduate degree in creative writing to get into another graduate creative writing program. Like, a lot of programs really do take into account the, “Hey, wait, you’ve already got one of these” factor.

      • The school will attract more students and money with a Franco enrolled, some of which will go to the English department, which is probably suffering like most English departments generally are. I think that’s probably the bottom line.

  3. Career academics are the worst.

  4. That’s my boyfriend.

  5. WHY IS EVERYTHING CROSSED OUT?! Curse you and your masters degree in advanced internetting, James Franco!

  6. “Even one creative writing degree is TOO MANY.”

  7. Not to mention that his writing isn’t EVEN THAT GOOD. How come the worst people get to pursue their ‘projects’ (Paltrow, I’m looking at you and your country singing)? Sorry there’s nothing original to add, I just hate that.

    • Maybe he’s ahead of his time? There’s a great bit in “How I Became A Famous Novelist” about a literature professor who focuses on the commercially successful books rather than the critically praised, many of which were not appreciated until after the author had died.

  8. Does anyone else think that James Franco is actually trying to teach us a lesson about higher education? That maybe higher education is less about academia and more about social capital? That maybe degrees are more often bought than earned?


  9. Wait, is it really a PhD? How can you even get a PhD in creative writing? Would you be a doctor of writing, then? What a dumb thing to be a doctor of.

  10. Gabe, I’m assuming that when you said “At this point,” you actually meant, “well before this point”

  11. Looks like quite a lot of people here are JEALOUS of James Franko. Time to take a chill pill and get your priorities in order, people who ignore more important things and instead choose to focus on petty jealousies

    • I am INSANELY jealous of James Franco. If someone were going to pay me literally millions of dollars to play a scientist in a prequel to Planet of the Apes, I’m sure I would do things that are way less productive or enriching with my time than earning multiple degrees.

  12. this probably isnt the best web zone for this little communique* but earlier I had requested we do the weekly “You get to make up the story” fan fiction bit about the dilbert guy and his trolling the internet etc scandal. now I have received a dispatch that the same fellow is trolling in defense of everyone’s precious Gwyneth Paltrow. Surprised videogum did not break this important breaking news story but there you have it, now it is only a matter of time before videogum follows in my foot steps

    *spy lingo

  13. The photo on this post makes it look like Franco has some sort of crazy long dark haired mullet. Doesn’t surprise me that he would live by the mullet motto: “business in the front, party in the back.”

  14. For some reason I can’t respond to @MsQuinn above…but thats a play off a comment by Ryan on last night’s Office episode. He says: “I hate when people say something is like crack, when they haven’t actually done crack. Stick to your world.” I don’t have a real random hate towards people who say something is like meth/crack.

  15. Methinks this is revenge for Stewart O’nan being cast in the Spiderman reboot.

  16. What’s that term in video game speak where you kill someone ingame then you stand over their body and jump and crouch on top of them. I think it’s called teabagging, which would make sense. Also— PWN’D, or something. Anyway, I think Franco has decided to just do that on the general creative writing student public.

    Either that or he’s an insane person bent on being a career student while also enjoying the lifestyle of a celebrity.

    P.S. I loved watching Colbert school Franco on LotR trivia. I just like it whenever I hear someone say ‘Galadriel.’

  17. I can not think of any way to tell you that creative writing degrees are fun and useful without sounding sad. There’s a reason I’m double-majoring in Economics, I guess.

  18. He’s clearly doing it for the title – Dr. James Franco

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