Those were the days! Share your favorite Megan Fox memories in the comments.

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  1. We’ll always have the time I naturally assumed she was from porn.

  2. I’ll never forget the tender moment when I put on my best shorts and offered her a flower.

  3. From 2:30 – 2:36PM when I tried to click on the post to comment, all I kept getting was

    “The page you’re looking for cannot be found.

    The link you clicked on was either misspelled or is out of date. Try using the search box below to find what you are looking for.”

    Even The Lawnmower Man inside Videogum knows that M.Fox is out of date.

  4. I actually feel really bad for Megan Fox. Of course I don’t know what she’s like in real life, but she’s had so much hate thrown her way simply because of her looks. It was just disgusting to see. For some reason, if you’re attractive, people feel better about talking shit about you. I hate it.

    • I always thought the hate was less about her looks and more about the Heigel-esque things she’s said about the role that is the only reason anyone is talking about her at all, plus Paltrow-ian sense of her place in cinematic history. But then again, when anyone says “Megan Fox”, I just kind of zone out in general, so I could have that wrong.

      • I guess I didn’t know about that stuff. But for example, I guess making fun of her thumbs is a thing? Because her thumbs are weird? I don’t know. What’s that about? I guess it’s just interesting to me that it’s acceptable to point out flaws, physical or otherwise, on attractive people.

        Tina Fey made a good point on Fresh Air when she was talking about the backlash Olivia Munn gets for doing something like posing for Maxim. She said if Munn was frumpy and overweight, the consensus would be “You go, girl!” But since she’s beautiful there’s a feeling that she’s exploiting her body and holding back women.

        I don’t know, it’s just interesting to me.

        • I can assure you, if someone frumpy and overweight poses for Maxim, I will never say “you go, girl!” Susan Boyle Playboy spread is not empowering anybody.

        • Oh, for sure. There is definitely a sense of “to feel better about myself I have to find something wrong with this seemingly perfect person” that happens with attractive women. But, on the other hand, studies show that attractive people in any profession make more money and are generally better off than unattractive people, so it can definitely be used to one’s advantage as well.

          • Yeah, it is super hard to argue that Megan Fox’s plastic surgery ticket in the Hot People lottery hasn’t already netted her more money than I am ever going to see in my life. So, you know. It’s not like I can hurt her! Let me make fun of her thumbs!

            (I actually do not care about Megan Fox’s thumbs.)

        • I don’t know … I mean, Denzel Washington might have a perfectly symmetrical face, but have you seen his jacked up pinkie?????

          It’s not just the ladies this happens to.

      • At first I thought you wrote “Hegel-esque” things and thought I should give her a chance if she was talkin’ bout master-slave dialectic.

      • From interviews, it seems like the ‘bad girl worshipped by men/loathed by women’ thing is something she has deliberately cultivated.

  5. She’s Pretty.

  6. How come every time I click on this story, I get this?

  7. I remember the time she got pissed at Michael Bay and hit him with her Ferrari and Michael Bay was in the hospital and he lost both his eyes and his tongue and they had to amputate his hands and so he couldn’t make movies anymore and just retired and then but Megan Fox was afraid she’d go to prison so she hid from the public eye and stopped making movies and just retired. And they gave the car to a needy family.

    I think that happened.

  8. I remember the time when I realized how I would find her much more attractive if I were still a teenager

  9. She married David Silver. She’s so special to him. Is he special to her?

  10. There are those who tell a tale. A tale of a blog post that is doomed to disappear and reappear at will. A post that will change its time code and place itself in the past. It is said that the wretched who comment on this post are doomed to travel with it for ever until judgement day.

    There are those who call this tale a folly. A joke. A story that monsters tell little monsters just before bedtime. Those who believe this are foolish.

    Why? Because not only have I seen this abomination with my own two eyes. I’ve commented upon it and lived. I have tasted true terror when I encountered


  11. My favorite memories where when she was really pretty, and then she had plastic surgery and got even prettier, and then got plastic surgeries and got even prettier, and then got even more plastic surgery and got EVEN PRETTIER. And it seemed like she was the prettiest person EVER. And she was kinda stupid in interviews but it was fun that she wasn’t all fake and like ‘i like bunnies’ in that horrible trying too hard not to say anything real female movie star way even though she was just as affected in own tragic forced ‘i really don’t give a fuck, I don’t, see?’ way. And then she did Jennifer’s Body and she wasn’t as bad as what people said and she said she wanted to learn to be a good actress and it was like ‘wow, what if this really happened just a little bit for her? Would the world be able to let that happen or is she already too too what she is?’ But then everyone was too sick of her for reals and there was a backlash and then she got plastic surgery like four more times and now she looks like a sad robot plastic 40 year old who got wonderful surgery to look like she is a lovely 20 years old and the world is done with her and it was all so predicable but still a tiny bit sad somehow.

  12. Is Amber Heard the rich man’s or poor man’s Megan Fox?

  13. Thanks for giving me an excuse to run Megan through the Bayifier. Never gets old.

  14. Once I travelled for an hour and a half just to see Jennifer’s Body because it was free. There was no one else but me and my friend in the cinema, and that’s about it.

  15. I remember when she had a real face that was pretty. Those were the days.

  16. i remember when she was in a mary-kate and ashley movie as brianna wallace, wallace department stores

  17. Can we not have links posted from the Superficial? That is a horrible website.

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