Yesterday it was reported that Tim Hetherington, the co-director of Academy Award nominated documentary Restrepo, was killed while photographing the turmoil in Libya. Diary is a 19-minute film he made last year to illustrate his experiences as a war journalist. Watch it.

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  1. Also killed with him was a photo-journalist called Chris Hondros. A harsh reminder that there are people risking their lives in order to show us the reality of war. The war that is behind the curtains: the wasted lives, the misunderstandings, the unending and often times traumatic violence…
    It is a noble and necessary task to show the truth in times of war and we should be grateful for those who try.

  2. Unionman will not like this

  3. Restrepo is a great film. I had already bookmarked this diary bit to watch this weekend

  4. Sounds like a ploy to get an Oscar nomination to me.

  5. PS 200 Libyans have died in fighting and 900 have been injured. Though 0 of them have been nominated for Academy Awards.

  6. Thanks for posting Gabe.

  7. Restrepo is a miracle. Somehow he got in there and filmed it all (with Sebastian Junger) in the way of the proverbial fly on the wall. I saw it last year and keep thinking about it.

    The opposite of this guy would be the producers of the Real World (or, uh, any reality show) — “Now we’re going to make the Afghan tribal leaders do bodyshots off a naked model and see what really happens when people stop being fake and start getting real!” #oppositeofthisguy.

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