Live every week like you’re Andy Samberg, apparently. That guy!

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  1. That’s kablam-o!

  2. Is he gonna be dropped into one of those shark cage things? ‘Cause boy, will the “dick-in-a-box” jokes fly then.

  3. If you like sandwiches AND sharks, come roll with him!

  4. Samberg announces viral casting, viral casting goes on the Internet. Shark Week’s on the Internet. Our Shark Week.

  5. But who will be the official blogger of Snark Week?

  6. Shots!

    …not what I meant, but ok.


  8. In related news, Joanna Newsom was named “Chief Squawk Officer.”

  9. New Lonely Island EP to debut. Track listing:

    1. Shark In My Pants
    2. Lazy Shark Week
    3. Shark Olympics
    4. I’m On A Bigger Boat

  10. Shark every Samberg like it’s Live From New York, guys.

  11. Ugh Lonely Island has really jumped the shark. #BoiYoiYoing

  12. This. Is. BULLSHIT!

  13. I like Shark Weeks. It’s tradition. I can’t NOT like it. However, like all traditions, it’s become a little repetitive, if comforting, and every year I feel compelled to do things which I would not do otherwise. There are lots of things I wouldn’t do otherwise, but this is sharks. Sharks! Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that I really hope they devote one small hour of their 168 hours which would otherwise be spent on great whites jumping out of the water and putting Kari Byron in a wetsuit to this little guy right here:

    He needs some love, dammit.

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