Today marks the 122nd birthday of Adolph Hitler. In an interview concerning his Nazi-mocking, smash-Broadway-hit, The Producers, Mel Brooks explained his philosophy on the subject of “Hitler comedy” in saying: “Of course it is impossible to take revenge for 6 million murdered Jews. But by using the medium of comedy, we can try to rob Hitler of his posthumous power and myths.” It is an interesting idea! That by turning this terrible human nightmare into a subject of ridicule and mockery, it strips him of everything that he worked for (besides that one thing he worked, for, of course, which is the extermination of 10 million people, including Jews, yes, but also gypsies, homosexuals, and the handicapped). Of course, it would be far better to create a time machine, because then someone can just go back there and KILL HIM. But until that day…

Hitler was such a jerk!

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  1. I think Dos Equis has gone a little overboard with their advertising.

  2. Obama is looking pretty good for 122. #teapartyjokes

  3. If we’re going with herstory, might as well go all the way. Happy Birthday, Hitlim!

  4. Already? Saint Godwin’s Day sneaks up on me every year.

  5. It’s Kitler time!

  6. If I’m going to build a time machine, here’s the order of things I’d do:

    1. Visit my grandmother to find out how she kept her meatballs from drying out (so delicious)
    2. Tell younger me to make out with more girls in high school
    3. Kill Hitler

    • “Fuck you, R2D2. I thought we were bros.” — Abraham Lincoln.

    • #4. Travel back to 1991. Go to a Ministry show, and make a call on a public telephone where people can hear you. Shout out, “Marilyn? This is your cousin, Marvin Manson! You know that new sound you’re looking for? Well, listen to THIS!”

    • Ha! We know that you never successfully built that time machine, because this post still exists on Videogum.

      You suck.

    • Change “meatballs” to “oatmeal cookies,” “girls” to “dudes,” and we have the same Time Machine to-do list.

    • 1. Stop the slave ships from departing Africa.
      2. Steal the secret Coca Cola recipe.
      3. Kill Hitler.

      That’s just me.

      • I don’t think I’d have the ovaries to kill Hitler. I just can’t see myself pulling the trigger. On the other hand, the pack of half-starved velociraptors I’d bring along with me could probably manage the job.

      • I am amusing myself with the idea that the reason you only want to stop the slave ships departing Africa instead of stopping slaves being captured and put on board is because you don’t want black people in America.

        (Uh, since I feel like there are people who will attack me by claiming I am attacking you for being racist: It is an amusing thought, meaning I enjoy purposely misinterpreting people’s statements in absurd ways.)

    • If I had a time machine, my important time machine goal involves 1964, Paul McCartney, and make-outs. Then I’ll kill Hitler – don’t worry, I’ll get to it, world! I just need one more trip back to the set of A Hard Day’s Night…

  7. Wait so today is Hitler’s bday, the anniversary of Columbine, the anniversary of the oil spill, and the day after Skynet became self-aware? Whoa, that’s some bad juju.

  8. This is like John Galliano’s Thanksgiving

  9. Dear YouTube comments,

    Please don’t ever change.


  10. Don’t forget all the intellectuals and communists/anarchists (basically anyone remotely left-wing) he sent to the concentration camps.

  11. As a dancer he had… All of the REICH Moves #YouSeeWhatIdidThere

  12. As I sit in my house pondering to myself, if I were to build a time machine to go back in time and kill Hitler, then I would have canceled out my parents existence since their parents met as a result of WW2…which would in turn cancel out my own existence, and would probably cancel out a majority of us since the we are one way or another products of the baby boomer generation, which….*head explodes from deep thinking*

    • So right there with you (very Back to the Future-y). If Hitler didn’t exist, my grandparents wouldn’t have, as the only living members of their respective families, fled Poland and met in Prague at Shabbat dinner. And never had my mom, never moved to America, where she met my dad, and no me. Or me, except Polish (weird!).

      Truth be told, I’d still do it. So worth it.

  13. What a dick-tater, amirite?

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  15. a jerk, but apparently an xx fan

  16. It’s also the anniversary of Columbine and the Deepwater Horizon explosion that led to the BP oil spill. I’m worried about April 20, you guys.

  17. If only I had held out an additional 24 hours, I could have shared my birthday with Hitler, Marijuana, & the Earth instead of just Waco, Texas and the Oklahoma City bombing.

  18. How bout we throw a little Nazi Party?

  19. This could have gone in the Pesach thread, but it was not ready yesterday.
    Nope. I had to put it up just in time for Hitler’s birthday.

    Do not worry. I am not using Hitler’s birthday as an excuse to boast about something I did.
    I am using it to boast about something my friend’s kid did. You do not even have to click up there.
    Here is the magic:

    (I would look for the link to the Hitler goldfish, but he is not my friend’s kid’s goldfish so I am not trumpeting his awesomeness for free. Freeloader).

  20. You’d go back in time and murder a newborn baby Hitler

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