The 2012 election is already HEATING UP! Barack Obama has already announced that he WILL be running for re-election despite the fact that he is a FOREIGN CITIZEN! Meanwhile, something something Tim Pawlenty? Aw, Tim Pawlenty! SUPERPOKE! Of course, the big news for the past few weeks has been the candidacy of Donald Trump, patriot. After his POWERFUL interview on the Today Show, the world has been eagerly waiting to see if he will officially throw his hat into the ring when this season of Celebrity: Apprentice–the most popular show on television, according to sources inside Donald Trump–finishes taping, because you can’t have such a popular show AND run for president, because founding fathers and patriotism. But the pounding drumbeat of Trump Enthusiasm, also known as Trumpthusiasm, becomes deafening today with the OFFICIAL announcement that Gary Busey is “campaigning” for Trump.

It will be interesting to see how Barack “Hussein” Obama maneuvers his campaign machine to compete with the powerful Gary Busey lobby. At this point, he’s going to need to lock up the Breckin Meyer endorsement or else he might still beat Donald Trump in a landslide either way! Haha. Gary Busey. Ha! (Via ShortFormBlog.)

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  1. Chump Likes Trump is this generation’s I Like Ike! I can feel it!

  2. “We need someone in office who will represent people like me: incoherently rambling rich white guys with bad hair.” –Gary Busey for Donald Trump

  3. An insider appointed by the Obama administration who wishes to remain anonymous has declared this celebrity endorsement to be utterly ridiculous.

  4. Donald Trump finally convinced Gary Busey to endorse him when he promised to rip the endocrine system out of America’s body.

  5. I think it says a lot when I trust Gary Busey to run this country more than Trump, and I would not trust Gary Busey to watch my dog

  6. This whole Donald Trump running for president thing is not funny. He is actually running a successul pre-campaign. The thought of President Donald Trump makes me hope the Mayans were right.

    • In my fantasy world Trump comes in second for the GOP seat, is so fed up he runs independently and divides the republican vote. Also, everyone is a unicorn and eats rainbows and poops butterflies.

    • But imagine the class the White House will exude when it is dipped in solid gold and encrusted in diamonds! And we could even hold the Miss Universe pageants on the lawn, with the winner getting an ambassadorship. It’ll be THE GREATEST PRESIDENCY THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN.

    • Don’t worry, this is all just intended to make Palin look smart/sane in comparison. Hmm, on the other hand, you can keep worrying.

      • This isn’t really happening, right? This is just viral promo stuff for Celebrity Apprentice? Maybe performance art? Because this is honestly terrifying. There’s no way Trump could get elected, right? No one actually thinks he’s serious. Right? Right.

        Idiocracy isn’t supposed to happen until many years from now*… and I still think President Camacho is a better candidate. At this point Not Sure is too overqualified to placate the mouth breathers in the GOP. I mean I remember a time when having Gary Busey endorse you would MAKE YOU LOOK WORSE… Then later today I read a real article in the L.A. Times that Trump wants to install a $100 million ballroom to class up the White House. Christ, I’m quitting my job now and applying for the ’15 class of Costco law school.

        *That being said, I do look forward to the day our money says “Hauling Ass, Gettin’ Paid”

  7. Why does Gary Busey always look like he’s about to start melting? He’s one errant candle away from being a puddle of wax on the floor.

  8. “TRUMP: Taking Redirection, Understanding Massive Power”

    I’m sorry, that makes no sense. You could literally take five other words that begin with those letters and come up with a slogan that makes more sense.

    “TRUMP: Tape Radishes Under Monkey Paws.”

  9. Do you know what TRUMP stands for?

  10. That one blog using six microphones to interview him sure makes this seem important, until you realize he’s being interviewed on a bed in a hotel room.

    It’s all in the details, blog.

  11. None of those microphones are plugged into anything.

  12. Don’t blame me, I voted for Meatloaf.

  13. Remember when Chuck Norris was all over Mike Huckabee’s campaign? This is even weirder than that.

  14. Taking Batshit
    Redirecting Unhinged
    Understanding Silly
    Massive Egghead
    Power Yonkers

  15. Egg Pawlenty is the Plain Veal of politics.


  16. I’m just going to put this here:

  17. Reporter: Can you elaborate on why you’re endorsing Trump for President in 2012, Mr. Busey?


  18. Even Donald Trump is having second thoughts about voting for himself after hearing Gary Busey’s endorsement.

  19. my grandpa is a career engineer who has worked at one of the top facilities in nuclear weaponry design in the country for over fifty years. he’s voting for donald trump. as i know he is an intelligent man, my grandpa confuses me with his choices

    • My dad programmed computers for AT&T starting in 1973 and is highly intelligent. He votes Republican every time, to make sure “we don’t get another Carter.” He despises “class warfare” and how “the left” wants us to “hate the rich.” He is VERY upset because he thinks Obama has raised taxes “through the roof” and “destroyed America with healthcare reform.” He ALSO wishes Obama had established a “more socialist approach” to healthcare instead of the way where “lobbyists and corporations make money.” If Trump is the nominee, he will vote Trump. If Busey is the nominee, he will vote Busey.

      He considers himself a moderate.

      He made a lot more sense when I was a kid.

  20. Trump: “All your Busey are belong to us.”

  21. I think Gary Busey is an evil genius* who is actually trying to sabotage Trump’s campaign.

    *just kidding — he has brain damage.

  22. Favorite Busey-ism: “Shut up and let me finish the prayer, stupid!” (to a fellow contestant on Celebrity Fit Club)

  23. Damn he has trouble breathing.
    He looks as if he got dipped in acid.

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