This is just straight-up useful is what this is.

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  1. The Singularity really is near…

  2. Say hello to my new desktop wallpaper.

  3. me right now

  4. Related: Ron Swanson ASCII Art:

  5. I am feeling :D at this. Only sideways.

    Maybe it will be more accurate if I lie down. That is an acceptable reason to lie down at work, right? Right. There are no possible negative consequences that I can foresee!

  6. monster emoticons

  7. I’d ask how she would pull off ))(( but I don’t ever want to know the answer to that.

  8. @ian My dog ate th reply button, but hr you go:

  9. Woops, that was huge and I forgot to say it’s a sadface.
    Anyways, here’s this:

  10. She’s pretty

  11. You should have been aborted

  12. Just kidding, friend.

  13. ?????????????????????????????

    Okay, that’s th last one. This has been Chris Trash Wastes Five Minutes of Your Time. We now return you to your regularly scheduled comments.

  14. Clown hat, curly hair, smiley FACE!

  15. this one might be more helpful:

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