OH THANK GOD! I’m sure we have all been on pins and needles waiting to find out the status of Nicolas Cage’s latest movie following his arrest on charges of domestic assault this weekend, but everyone can finally take a DEEP BREATH because I have some GREAT NEWS: production has not slowed or even stopped. I repeat: there has been absolutely no change to the shooting schedule for Nicolas Cage’s movie after he was ARRESTED by POLICE for possibly ASSAULTING HIS WIFE and definitely for PUNCHING CARS and SCREAMING AT THE COPS. Phew. From the Hollywood Reporter:

Nicolas Cage’s weekend arrest for domestic abuse and disturbing the peace hasn’t affected the production schedule for his film, Medallion, a rep for the movie tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Despite spending hours in jail Saturday, the actor showed up on set ready to work Monday morning, TMZ.com reports.

The Nu Image/Millennium Films action thriller is directed by Simon West. Cage plays a father — and former master thief — who has only a few hours to find his daughter when she is kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a New York medallion taxi cab.

Obviously, our thoughts and prayers are with the parked cars that Nicolas Cage punched and their families during this difficult time. (Also: that movie sounds super stupid and very hilarious, and I am very glad that there will be no delay in its production because I am really looking forward to being able to make more jokes about it ON SCHEDULE.) What a world we live in!

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  1. I thought this sort of movie was Gyllenhaal’s thing now.

  2. BNPG Rejected Nicolas Cage Movies

  3. you guys, I just want to point out this amazing line from the Access Hollywood article about the arrest so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of punched cars and shitty movies: “…the 47-year-old star was arrested after he got drunk in the city’s French Quarter and argued in the street with his wife, Alice Kim, over whether a house they were in front of was theirs, police said Saturday.”

    Nicolas Cage: unsure of which houses he owns

  4. Medallion? Screw that, we want National Treasure 3: 2 Treasure 2 Treasurer.

  5. Finally! I am so sick of famous people being punished for their crimes! It is about time we took a stand against these miscarriages of justice.

  6. hey, a guy’s got to put food on his family while yelling at his family.

  7. I wasn’t worried, I just assumed he’d use his one call to phone it in.

  8. Medallion is our generation’s Medellin. #entouragejokes

  9. Ummm, Why are they Filming NYC Stories in N’Awlins?

  10. Let’s celebrate with a Medallion viewing party when it hit’s REAL DVD!

    Cage probably just learned that his wife was in cahoots with this guy…

    …and acted accordingly.

  11. Worst. Cage fight. Ever.

  12. Why are there suddenly so many movies about fathers searching for their endangered daughters?

    Sorry Mel Gibson and Nicholas Cage, but Liam Neeson reigns supreme with Taken.

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