Someone should tell Ron Artest that the title, “Dark Torpedo of Violent Truth Tour” (or whatever) is already taken and he will have to come up with something else. Like, “Ron Artest Is Here For Some Reason, You Guys” or “The Huh!’s of Comedy.”

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  1. I’m excited to go, but does anybody know where I can get cup-shaped tomatoes?

  2. I have a feeling that this will ultimately turn into Artest of the audience’s patience.

  3. No longer the worst thing Ron Artest made us listen to

  4. Guys, it’s my first day at work and I don’t have time to commit to properly Videogum. Can someone make a “Ron Artiste” joke for me and maybe poorly Photoshop a French mustache and beret on a picture of Ron Ron? K thx, bai.

  5. Wow. The guy who writes the copy for the Caroline’s Web site isn’t bitter or anything:

    • I would really like to see this happen:

      Birdiepup: The Ultimate Comedy Tour

      Hey, fairly funny pop culture blog editor, have you spent years and years honing your stand up act at every open mic night you could find, inviting everyone you know to come watch you in the audience in hoes that some day you may make it big enough to start going on the road, touring every godforsaken comedy club with the vague hope that someday, you might, might possibly headline at one of the premier clubs in the country?

      Well, your dog hides in your bedcovers and chews holes in your sweatshirts. Go fuck yourself.

  6. I have a feeling the Knicks will be doing something similar soon. They was they played last night had to have been a joke.

  7. This is good news, he already has great rapport with hecklers.

  8. moment of silence for the champions
    for those who make going hard a lifestyle
    never wait for nothing
    got to get it right now

    i know this is gonna be negative repped, but when i think of ron artest i think of his rap career, photo shoots with hot turkish models, mental health seminars, and BACK BREAKING THREE POINTERS OVER THE WORST PEOPLE ON EARTH AKA THE CELTICS

    ron artest has a free pass, FOR LIFE. i bet this tour rules.

  9. I think I sat next to Ron Artest in Philosophy 110 at St John’s for half a semester… but I’m not sure.

    Humblebrag? ME?

  10. I’m looking forward to seeing that classic Ron Artest sense of humor on display

  11. Who is Ron Arteste?


  13. “What He Gives Us: The Eternal Dry Humping of the Apocalypse”

  14. I have every reason to hate Ron Artest (being a Pistons fan and all), but I can’t help but love the guy. Everything he does i just hilarious to me. Like, say, his AMAZING Michael Jackson tribute song, or — as someone else mentioned — Champion (I deselect all the the other in-game music on NBA 2K11 just too listen to it on a loop), or his twitter account, which occasionally reaches Kanye West levels of awesomeness. So, yeah. Ron Artest? More like Ron Ar-BEST!

  15. I call this one “Ron-Ron Getting A Ticket For Driving A Race Car With Expired Tags.”

  16. Ron Ron, the people’s punchline comic.

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