It is unclear whether or not Steven Seagal was actually put into a choke hold and forced to pee himself in front of the cast and crew on the set of Out For Justice. What is clear is that who cares if it’s true or not, that’s hilarious!

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  1. More like Steven Pee-gal

  2. This kind of thing would never happen to Chuck Norris.

  3. I think this post proves my comment yesterday re: Gabe hating sports but loving watersports certainly holds water.


  4. In fact, I believe that once, Urine was forced to Chuck Norris itself while in a choke hold (huh?)

  5. “Jump on in with me, Steven. The water is warm (because of my pee).” – Hugh Jackman

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  7. It’s a wee bit hypocritical of Gabe to laugh at anyone caring about a celebrity urinating when he made all that fuss about Hugh Jackman’s urinating to such a cyber-bullying degree. But just a wee bit hypocritical, not a gushing golden shower of hypocrisy, more of a manageable dribble level. Tap your hypocrisy before placing it back in your pants, Gabe to make sure no extra droplets make your whitey tighties turn yellow.

  8. Crap, I can’t decide to go with a “Exit Wounds” pee joke or the ‘Executive Pee-cision” joke…

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