Oh, by the way, Tina Fey was on Fresh Air with Terry Gross this week to talk about her new book and about how Japan can use high powered cement pumps to stave off any further disaster at the struggling Fukushima nuclear power plant. I think? I haven’t listened yet, but I just assume those are the two things she talks about.

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  1. Also, Ricky Gervais’ hyaena cackle was on The Daily Show last night.

  2. Will Smith on Fresh Prince.

  3. As always, Terry Gross’ questions are thorough and on point, including:

    Which SNL sketches did you write?
    Which 30 Rock episodes did you write?
    What’s it like to work with Alec Baldwin?
    What’s it like to work with Tracy Morgan?

    And, of course

    Where do you get your ideas?

    • Also: I’m not going to rehash the Sarah Palin impression, but what was it like to do the Sarah Palin impression?

    • Teri Gross is the Gwyneth Paltrow of NPR.

      • Let me reiterate. She is the worst. Did you ever hear her interview of Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter? I wanted to punch out my radio.

        • It was a terrible interview. So was the one with Jon Hamm.

          • I don’t understand how she has that job. She’s awful.

          • I don’t like Terry Gross. I hate when she interviews actors/comedians because it regresses into a breathy version of Inside the Actor’s Studio with less of James Lipton intensely listening. When they have some correspondent do a little story or there’s a guest host, I don’t mind the program at all. It’s slightly more tolerable than Prairie Home Companion on the whole.

            However, I have been turned on to some very nice books from some of her interviews.

  4. Shall I? I shall. She’s pretty.

  5. She also brings up Gwenyth Paltrow. TWICE. #worldsarecolliding

    It’s official. Gwenyth is taking over. I, for one, welcome our new macrobiotic, lorry-loving overlord.

  6. Meanwhile, Ira Glass is stuck trying to shoehorn a story about organic salad dressing into an overall narrative on post-9/11 milieu.

  7. You forgot about her discussion of Newtonian physics.

  8. Wait, “Fresh Air” wasn’t that the canned crap the Mel Brooks was breathing in Space Balls? Are they already making that stuff?

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