Did you do your taxes yet? Guuuuyyyyyysssss!!! What have we been talking about this whole time?! You have to do them come onnnnn!!!!! Anyway, hopefully you did them, and if you didn’t do them, hopefully they have WiFi in the white collar jail you have to go rot in now. In honor of Tax Day 2011, here is a whole bunch of videos of people dancing by the side of the road while wearing their Liberty Tax mascot costumes, because apparently that is a whole thing?

Top that! Tax that! (More videos after the jump.)


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  1. Except Tax Day is Monday the 18th, this year. Whoops.

    • I hope I didn’t just throw a wrench in the works for a themed day of posts, like the glorious Pony Day. But today is Emancipation Day, observed (reason Tax Day has been moved to Monday #serviceygum). So…all posts about emancipation from slavery? I think Professor Ashton Kutcher has something to say on the subject.

      • You know who I first heard that from? Pat Sajak, during the little patter with Vanna at the end of an episode of Wheel of Fortune. It made me feel like a Real American (a Wheel American?….no), I’ll tell you what.

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  2. All of these tax offenders were required by state law to announce their presence in the neighborhood, I’m sure.

  3. 1. This is very appropriate because I’m a tax baby, so today is the big 25 (?)

    And 2. I forgot to do my taxes. So, good reminder.

  4. “Look at how funky they are. I will never be hip.” – Guy dressed up like the Washington Monument.

  5. Give me you tired, your poor, your funky chickens.

  6. Future CPA #1: Your mom doesn’t even know how to do her own taxes!
    Future CPA #2: Let’s get off mom’s because I just filed your mom’s taxes on a 1040 EASY form!
    Crowd of Nerds: Ooooohhhhh SNAP!!!

  7. Watching all those people dance by the road has got me wondering what the median household income was last year.

  8. Today is ACTUALLY Emancipation Day (Lincoln signed some Political Document today at the behest of his advisors or something) so Tax Day is Monday. Same as Next Year, when “Tax Day” falls on a Sunday.

  9. Who would really ever wanna go and top that?

  10. Oh man. There is an auditing business here in town that has almost the exact same costume of Lady Liberty and they also stand by the side of the road waving like that! I wonder if it is a chain. The guys here in town don’t dance, though. They just look uncomfortable and tired.

  11. Ugh, don’t remind me. I filed on Feb 6th and still haven’t gotten my Federal refund… calling the IRS is a joke, its like Money Pit where they keep saying “Oh, you’ll see it in 2 Weeks!”

    • Now I filed my taxes a long time ago
      Don’t you see how late they’re reactin’
      They only refund and they refund when they wanna
      So get the bank impound the goner
      They don’t care ’cause they stay paid anyway
      They teach ya like an ace they can’t be betrayed

      The IRS is a joke in yo town.

    • Tommy Wiseau is actually responsible for responding to every phone call made to the IRS.
      “You’ll see it in two minutes!”

  12. What? No one dancing to “Pony”? Shame on you Lady Liberty. Do your homework next time.

  13. Cool story, me: I used to work with CPAs. I do not like to think about tax season because it gives me scary flashbacks. Also…you would be shocked at the number of people who will amble into a CPA firm with giant box full of tax info and act like it ain’t no thang that they haven’t filed in 4 years.

  14. I hope that at least one of these videos comes from Fort Collins. In my short time there I saw more sign spinners and dancing mascots than I had ever seen in my life up to that point; the place is like the sign spinner/dancing mascot capital of the world.

  15. I wonder what Glenn Beck has to say about all this.

  16. The Liberty Tax guy by my house just wears the Lady Liberty robe and crown, no mask, and a Kansas City Royals baseball hat under the crown, and he’s a 250 pound black dude and he always looks so bummed out. Also, recently he’s been holding a sign that says “APRIL 15: GIT R DONE”. Poor guy.

    • I saw the a Liberty Tax girl rollerblading to work on Tuesday, in her full Lady Liberty garb. My phone is not cool, so I have no pictures. Sigh.

      • Yeah, I need a better camera on my phone and second set of eyes, because I see so much hilarious shit when I am driving. I wanted to take a picture of the gouchy Liberty Tax guy and the car I saw on 95 that was bright yellow with a DEEZ NUTZ decal on the back window and in window paint, “JUST MARRIED” on the side windows and back window. Like, WHAT? Someone married the DEEZ NUTZ guy? Anyway, if it weren’t for car accidents, there would be photos of all of these things.

  17. She dances amazingly well for an old French lady.

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