I think we’re all done here (Earth). She’s all yours, rubber engine aliens from Battle: LA!

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  1. Will they wear bear hats?

    • My kingdom for a GrizzGlee Hat.

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  2. Ah, the prophesied “Black Friday” apocalypse?

  3. Rebecca Black is also going to offend watchdog groups by appearing on the cover of a magazine wearing next to nothing.

  4. I’m actually pretty ok with this. Since it’s on Glee, there’s no chance I’ll end up seeing it.

  5. That’s Glee-tarded.

  6. Rebecca Black on Glee? Cool. Now I need Gwyneth Paltrow to be the guest star who sings it, while Bangs provides the backing vocals, and I’ll hit Videogum Bingo.

  7. i hate that this means the douchebags that wrote the song will be getting royalties on the glee downloads.

  8. Whoa is one of the glee actors seriously named Chord Overstreet?? That is just crazy.

  9. If I knew how to do screencaps, I would do a screencap of my comment about this song yesterday. Enough already.

  10. They’ll do this, but they won’t do a cover of “I’m Zack”? I call bullshit on Glee.

  11. That just makes perfect sense. I bet they’ll make a double rainbow joke after. Glee is like my mom who finds out about a funny thing and then brings it up after it’s not funy anymore. And hey, I stil love my mom.

  12. So far I have resisted figuring out who Rebecca Black is. I’m off to watch this ‘Friday’ thing.

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