You literally asked for it. Please everyone stop sending tips about this now thank you!

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  1. Now this…THIS. Is. My. Nightmare.

  2. The perfect marriage of “She’s pretty” and “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.”

  3. Buscemi Eyes = Buscmize

  4. yawn, already saw that on your precious “huffington post” a few hours ago, so old. is videogum just a tumbler for other sites content? maybe its time to change the name of your blog from “videogum” to “I’m not your glamor boy – I’M FIERCE!!!!” get it?

  5. I’m going to hit the reset button for eyes.

    That’s better.

  6. Actually, what I asked for was to see all of those girls being fed into a woodchipper, but I can see how you got confused.

  7. Snooki with Buscemi eyes actually made her look better than in real life!

  8. Is it just me or did anyone else expect the Buscemi-hathaway to reveal a mouth full of pointed teeth and try to eat your face?

  9. i still think they are all very pretty and you guys have a real fucked up sense of body image, THANKS THE MEDIA.

    (just kidding, steve’s eyes really tainted them forever)

  10. I would like it noted that while I don’t have Buscemi Eyes, I do have Eyes for Buscemi.

  11. Chippers with Steve Buscemi’s Feet:

  12. I actually think this is an improvement.

  13. I can’t wait to create Dolphins with Zero Mostel Eyes and get my $100 Million for my brilliant and original idea.

  14. I hope you like gifts!

  15. Yeah, they’re funny-looking alright…more than most people even

  16. What a treat.

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