Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy, Kennedy had a secretary named Rebecca Black Is Terrible And This Meme Is A Little Exhausting But This Is Kind Of Funny. (Via Towleroad.)

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  1. This just blew my brains out.

  2. “Which seat can I taaaaaaake?”

  3. I’m so glad this song is finally getting the attention it deserves.

  4. The funny thing being that whoever wrote this is far less crazy than anyone in the Braco video. Even if s/he believes this passionately.

  5. I finally understand Demi and Ashton’s ads!

    The campaign is for Real Men. What is real? What really happened with men? “Real Men” has seven letters. 4+3. 7+4= 11. 3×3=9. 9/11. The ad is against child slavery. On 9/11 George W. Bush was reading to children when the planes hit. What are slaves? People who are held against their will. Held. As in WithHeld. As in withheld information. As in the information that it was a controlled demolition. Control. Like the slavers have over their children. Demi and Ashton have seen the truth. Wake up, sheeple!

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  7. We probably should have been able to figure this out after seeing “Crying For America.” Kids signing about politics the darndest things.

  8. Oh my god, Rebecca Black predicted the assassination of JFK!

    Let’s wait and see if she’ll tell us if we should be worried about Y2K.

  9. 7am wakin’ up in the White House
    Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs.
    Gotta check the polls, gotta have cereal,
    I’m running everything but this Cold War keeps
    Going on and on
    Everybody’s Russian.
    Gotta get down to my private dock.
    Gotta sail my yacht.
    I see my fans!

    Kicking it in Congress,
    Sitting in my Office.
    Gotta make my mind up,
    Which seat will I taaaaaaaaaaaaaaake?

    I’m JFK, JFK,
    Wanna get down with JFK?
    Everybody wants to party with the Kennedys, Kennedys.
    I’m JFK, JFK.
    Come kick it with JFK.
    Everybody wants to part with the Kennedys.
    Commies and Parties and Yachts!
    Commies and Parties and Yachts.
    Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun.
    Lookin’ forward to my next term,

    • 7:45 and I’m sailing round Nantucket,
      Cruising so fast that I take off my tie.
      Fun, sun, hot dog on bun,
      Living life in Hyannis.
      I got this, we got this,
      Jackie is by my right, hey.
      I got this, we got this,
      America, you know it.
      Kicking it in Congress,
      Sitting in my Office.
      Gotta make my mind up,
      Which seat will I taaaaaaaaaaaaaaake?


      Eisenhower was yesterday,
      Today is for JFK.
      We, we, we so charismatic. So charismatic.
      We goin’ to a ball today.
      Up next is Johnson
      And Nixon comes afterwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaards,
      But I don’t want this term to end!

      • RFK RAP BREAK:

        JFK, Jack Kennedy
        So chillin’ iup in Congress
        The Oval Office
        He’s governin’, schmoozin’ (Yeah, yeah)
        Space race, go to space,
        Wit’ a man up on the moon (Woo!)
        (C’mon) Russian spaceships passin in front of us
        Makes tick tock, tick tock, wanna scream
        It’s his time, it’s JFK, he’s the President
        We gonna have fun, c’mon, c’mon, y’all

        CHORUS (x4)

  10. Also, the day before Kennedy was assassinated was a Thursday, and the next day was a Saturday! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUN.

  11. This is a better explanation. And by better, I mean too long but also really interesting and kind of hilarious if you stick with it to the end.

  12. Does this mean that Fruit Gushers reviews are detailing that time that his little brother Robert drove a hooker in the lake and let her drown in the car while he walked off a buzz? Because that happened, doodz.


  13. I know this is all old and maybe everyone saw this. but if you haven’t seen this mis-read lip read of this song, you will laugh if you watch this now.

    I just saw it for the first time yesterday. but you probably saw it weeks ago. my bad.

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