Last week, Kirstie Alley fell down on Dancing with the Stars. This week she lost her shoe. Tragedy plus time becomes comedy, but I believe the inverse may also be true.

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  1. Maybe she’d have less accidents if she just WAAAAAAAALKED to Sonic.

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  2. Movie Star Kirstie Alley? Really? Isn’t it more former costar of a successful sitcom who has been in some movies too I guess, I kind of forgot what she did once she got that reality show and tweeted silly things

  3. Maybe she could find an extra pair of shoes in VERONICA’S CLOSET.

    #callbackjoke #nailedit

  4. “She just ate how many donuts and NOW she wants to dance a waltz in me? Fuck this, I quit.” –Shoe

  5. And tune in next week to see which contestant falls down a secret trap door in the dance floor!

    With Special Guest: Admiral Ackbar

  6. Gabe, your recent obsession with “inverses” is starting to worry me. Were you a math major in a past life?

  7. She lost a shoe? I smell a prank!

  8. “She’s pretty.” – Baby Steve Winwood

  9. Dlisted: Just a really cool blog.

  10. Kiristie Alley + Time = Awful, but I believe the inverse might be true as well.

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