This is a good song by a good rapper. I hope you like it, because you’re going to be hearing it at every barbecue this year. It’s just that good! “Play it again, please.” “We just heard it.” “I want to hear it again. It’s really good.” That’s a conver(Thanks for the tip, Marissa.)

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  1. Nothing is more gangster than somersaults.

  2. That was a mighty legit layup/patio swing… I could have used some more stobe action during the shirtless beach scene though.

  3. guy that kid has mild downs or at least autism no? he also looks like this kid travis i went to high school with. all of this is tragic to me.

  4. I’m not really sure what his name is even supposed to mean. Is there a ghost out there with a restraining order against him?

  5. Spring Jam 11′? More like Bonerjamz 11′.

  6. I want to make fun of his accent, but what the hell accent is that? It sounds Bostonian at some points (we gon’ ro-ahk), then Canadian? (I’ma give ‘em a büt right up their ahshole)

    Plz help 4 make jokes. Thx!

  7. “Thanks for dancing in my video Mom. Did you see me shoot the layups through the hoop?” – Boostalk

  8. He makes a good point:

  9. I don’t know where they got that footage of me dancing at last week’s Boostalk show, but I don’t really appreciate them using it in the video without my permission.

  10. Haha. I was going to ask if shorty in the video is the mutahfuckaz moms. Case closed.

  11. It’s for my job mom!

  12. I thought this was 50 for a second, but then I understood a lyric.

  13. I like how his high-rise boxers give the illusion that his pants are sagging.

  14. best effect

  15. does he have a speech impediment, or is he just crazy hood?

  16. I think the loose siding between his garage doors is letting in moisture and allowing wood rot to take hold. Also, bench presses should be performed with a full range of motion (that is, until the hands are level with the chest).

  17. i dont know, it seems like that this is just poorly produced. im not saying its worth a shit by any means, im just saying if it was Taio Cruz and Ludacris on a shiny new Swizz Beats track singing the exact same words, it would be a hit. I guess that reveals quite a negative view of popular song, doesnt it?

  18. There is just a random frame of him texting at 2:34. Secret message?

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