You guys, Helen Mirren is the best. I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page with the whole Helen Mirren thing. She is very good at acting, and she seems to have a good time goofing around with people’s pre-conceived notions of what a famous person and/or a “woman of a certain age” is/are supposed to be like. She seems to have a good time in general. Also, sometimes she makes bad movies, like any one who makes a bunch of movies, and here again, girl just don’t give a fuuuuu. So, it makes sense for her to host Saturday Night Live, although it’s a bit of a shame that it took starring in the Arthur remake to get her there. Thankfully, they didn’t even mention Arthur once, but that is the reason she was on there, and there are so many better reasons to have her. Oh well. Not not our problem.

The episode was pretty good!

I actually remember thinking that the episode was just average when I watched it, but going back through all the clips this morning, there weren’t too many duds. Like, I’m not that big of a fan of the Tax Accountant to the Stars bit, which they’ve done before, just because I don’t really care about celebrity impersonations (sorry, Jay Pharoah) but just because that sketch isn’t my favorite doesn’t mean I can’t see its charms. It has charms! Also, the Jumbo’s Clown Room sketch at the end would have been a very good sketch, but I checked the official time and that thing and it was 47 minutes long, if you can believe it! I know, I felt the same way when I heard. The only other clip that I didn’t post was the Marry Shelley’s Frankenstein clip, but I liked it. It was either that or the Roosevelts, and I went with the latter.

The show opened, as it often does, with a tepid Barack Obama impersonation talking about the budget crisis, and at first I got so grumpy about it* because to some extent I don’t understand why Saturday Night Live still tries to throw its hat in the topical political humor ring. By the time Saturday rolls around, we’ve already had an entire week of incredibly sharp and funny topical political humor from a variety of sources dedicated specifically to topical political humor, so Saturday Night Live‘s often feels flat and old. And yet! As soon as I had finished completing that thought, which I still stand behind as a general criticism, this week’s episode busted out two topical political humor bits that I thought were genuinely very good! Whodathunkit!

More Mambo #5 jokes, please, world.

The Digital Short was kind of so-so, and too many of the laughs relied on just saying the word “titties,” but I do think that people should give the Digital Short boys more credit for the genuine little turns and surprises that they put into every short. I’m thinking mainly of how weird and funny it is to have Bobby Moynihan dressed as the Blind Melon “bee girl” as an illustration of the experience of touching Helen Mirren’s breasts.

Perhaps to make up for the “titties” stuff, there was also the Perspectives ad, which talked about tiny dicks. FAIR IS FAIR. As you know, I love a good SEXTing joke, and the Perspectives ad has a lot of great SEXTing jokes.

But the best sketch of the night was, and always is whenever they do one, the Juggalo Gathering parody for Easter:

Giving Jesus nightmares, indeed.

Also, the Foo Fighters.

Good episode!

*I mean, as grumpy as one can feel when one isn’t really grumpy at all, but just coming up with loosely-knit opinions about the way one would run an historically popular, long-running late night sketch comedy program differently if one was put in charge.
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  1. As an American, I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder about the American accent and how actors from around the world can nail it so easily. So it was kind of nice that world-class actor Helen Mirren didn’t have a great American accent ready to go for the Fox & Friends sketch. It made me appreciate her more. Another notch on Ms. Mirren’s being-the-best belt!

    • It can seem like (mostly) all actors from around the world can nail the American accent easily, but those are just mostly the ones that get cast in big Hollywood movies. You want to hear bad American accents? Watch British television. Or, I’m assuming, any other regional non-American television or smaller-budget films in which Americans are depicted. You’ll feel a lot better. So many bad, strange, and confusing American accents that stomp from the Mississippi to New England to the Midwest in one sentence. It always makes me proud to be an American. (USA! USA! USA!)

      • My friends told me about — Mee tBla ckwh ite. C’ 0- M —–told It’s the best pl’ace to me’et bl’ack wh’ite sin’gles. Come in and stay a while. Complete your pro’file. Post a message, a picture of yourself and check out the photo galleries.

        Give it a try, you will find so’meone you lik’e there… ;)
        @@@@Her American accent was terrible, but it’s not worse than Drew Barrymore’s British accent. So tit(ty) for tat. (Drew Barrymore is considered to be as talented as Helen Mirren, correct?)

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    • Her American accent was terrible, but it’s not worse than Drew Barrymore’s British accent. So tit(ty) for tat. (Drew Barrymore is considered to be as talented as Helen Mirren, correct?)

    • Because Hulu hates Canada and will not let me watch the video clips, I will tell the story of my British accent.

      I lived in England when I was a kid, and when I moved to Canada (in grade 9) the other kids would always try to get me to talk so they could hear the accent. That would have been fine, if not for two things:
      1. I am terrible at talking to people now, 20 years later
      2. I was even worse back then.
      I am not sure how I did it, but I ended up getting rid of my accent by watching a ton of TV (so I guess I do know how I did it? Except I still watch a ton of TV and do not develop new accents anymore). Again, a thing that would have been fine, except that half of what I watched was American TV and the other half was Degrassi.

      So, yes, my accent is fucked.
      No, I am not from the Midwest.

      And that is why I applaud Helen Mirren’s adequate accent, which I have not actually heard because of the part where the Hulu does not work.

    • President Barack Obama’s middle name is not “danger.”

      First lady Michelle Obama was born in Illinois, to human parents.

      “The first trimester” refers to a stage of pregnancy.
      It is not a Tom Clancy novel.

      Libya is a country in Africa. It is not part of Saudi Arabia.

      Singer Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” refers to a day of the week.
      Not to a Chris Tucker movie.

      The American flag does not have an eagle on it.
      Nor is President Ronald Reagan’s picture on it.

      Hawaii is part of America. Hawaiians are not of Arabic descent.

      Lil Wayne is a popular hip hop artist.
      He has never toured with Wayne Newton.
      Nor does Wayne Newton have a dwarf brother.

      Apples are not vegetables. They are also not grown in Kenya.

      Most scallops are edible and safe when cooked.

      “Jai Lai” is a sport played on Florida.
      It is not known if the activity is preferred by Mexican drug cartels.

      Bruno Mars is an American pop singer. He lives on Earth.
      He has never been indicted or convicted of organ trafficking.

      Green is a color.

      Moamar Quaddaffi is President of the country of Libya.
      He has never driven a taxi for a living.

      Ronald Reagan did not create the lottery.
      Nor did he invent casual Fridays.

      Jane Fonda lives in America.
      She has never been photographed with Osama Bin Laden.

      There is no, nor are there any plans for, a “Six Flags Baghdad.”

      Egypt has never had a mummy President.

      Your sexuality is not determined by your blood type.
      Nor is it determined by your enthusiasm about the songs of Lionel Ritchie.

      It is not possible to catch AIDS by having a beard.

      The state of Massachusetts has never mandated that Mohammed be put next to Jesus in Christmas nativity scenes.

      The sun is not made of “hot gravy.”
      It is actually made up of several gasses.

      Cell phones do not cause chlamydia.

      Filmmaker Michael Moore has never shut down the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade.

      Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas never fought in World War II.
      Nor was he ever given the “Congressional Medal of Truth.”
      There is no such medal as the “Congressional Medal of Truth.”

      A baby can only be created by a sperm and an egg.
      A homosexual cannot create a baby using trickery and the internet.

      Americans landed on the moon in 1969.
      This was part of the NASA space program and not to “get away from hippies.”

      No one has ever eaten a pizza with their butt.

      Former President Bill Clinton had nothing to do with the Rebecca Black video “Friday.”

  2. I suppose it’s possible to get sick of Juggalo Gathering parodies, but I doubt it.

  3. “Luckily for me a family of eels found me and raised me as one of their own.”

    When is Bill Hader gonna get his own show? WHEN?!

    • I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Jumbo’s is the kind of creepy L.A. establishment in which it would be totally plausible an elder stripper currently hitting the pole *did* in fact write the screenplay for Cocoon. I used to live near there and as it was my closest drinking establishment, I routinely chose to stay at home with a bottle of wine and some night cheese, Liz Lemon-style, instead of interacting with the patrons. Also, I’m still giving it up for Lace’s brother, the ex-pat fighting for the Taliban. Ironically HE taught me how to drive automatic.

  4. Guys, I didn’t actually watch Saturday Night Live, partly because I never do, but mostly because I was watching something else. And that’s what I’m here to talk to you about today.


    No joke. For anyone who hasn’t seen Mystery Team, which seems to be everyone, YOU GOTS TO GET ON THAT! Here are but a few of the selling points:
    -Donald Glover
    -Many subtle and not-so-subtle references to Encyclopedia Brown
    -Donald Glover dressed as a hobo, complete with bindle and hat with torn top
    -cameos by Dotcom and Lutz
    -Donald Glover wearing a fake mustache as he screams at a bedridden old man

    You guys. Get on this.

  5. Seth Myers, you guys. Textin’ his peen to all the ladies.

  6. I really wish I could be part of this hug

  7. This is a great many gifs for this early in the day. I’m a bit dizzy.

  8. So when do the monsters get a Crunk-Ass Easter meetup?

  9. Female. Gremlin.

  10. Did I ever tell you guys about the time I met Helen Mirren and her T-shirt was inside out? True story. It’s just a very good anecdote.

    • When I met her she was bragging about her “lucky drag queen stripper shoes” then pulled up her dress to reveal lucite platforms. Girl is FUNNY.

  11. This is the only tax accountant to the stars I care about:

  12. Getting old sucks. Mirren is easily more attractive than 98/99% of the human population and yet, because she’s north of 65, she has to sing an intro song that explains to people that she’s attractive? In case … our eyes aren’t working or something? That’s just weird.

  13. Also, it was nice to see SNL celebrate the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s passing with an appearance by the middling, boring band spawned in his wake.

  14. As good as this episode was, can we start the cagematch between Taran Killam and Paul Brittain now? Because one of them is not going to be on next year.

  15. Do eels have vocal chords?

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