Guys, if you’ll allow me for a brief moment to lay down the heavy armor of sarcastic deflection that I use to protect myself from the emotional pain of genuinely engaging with the world: last night’s Videogum 3rd Anniversary Comedy Show and Party at the Bell House was really wonderful. No joke, it was just the best. I think it was actually pretty special? It was a very fun night, to be sure, but I think it was even more than that! (And I have the Craigslist “Missed Connections” to prove it!) Not only was it great to perform and to watch some of my favorite comedians in the whole world (I’m talking the whole thing, like, internationally!) perform, and to eat delicious cake and talk to nice people and all-in-all enjoy a fun evening, it was also nice to think that other people also enjoyed it, and that together we have built a really special thing. I mean it! Videogum is not the biggest or most popular blog on the Internet by any stretch of the imagination, but the tiny corner that it has carved out for itself is, at least in my opinion, neat, maybe even important in some way, if I can be so grandiose as to even suggest that, and so it was a real treat, at least for me, to be able to celebrate that fact with some of you guys. If I had my way, you would have all been there, but as you know, I never get my way, ever. Not yet. Fingers crossed. Whether you were able to make it or not, though, you can still relive the magic through this fantastic photo gallery shot by Jessica Amaya.

I would also like to take a moment and thank a few people for helping to make last night such a success:

Thank you to all of the performers, obviously: Kurt Braunohler, Kristen Schaal, Max Silvestri, Wyatt Cenac, John Roberts, and Heather Lawless. I would also like to thank Heather Dunsmoor, Naomi Pelham, and everyone at the Bell House who helped to put it together. Thank you to Alea who made the incredible cake and cupcakes that everyone ate the hell out of. That was, I am not kidding, the best cake I have ever eaten in my life, and I genuinely hope that I am one day in a position to hire Alea as my PERSONAL pastry chef. That’s kind of a weird compliment, but also I mean it? Thank you to contributors Joe Mande, Gabe Liedman, and Steve K. Thank you to Lindsay Robertson, who must always be thanked, it is important. Thank you to Brandon Stosuy and Jessica Suarez at Stereogum. And I don’t think this gets said enough, and maybe we (read: I) need to work on that, but thank you very much to Scott Lapatine and Amrit Singh. I always forget to thank them, because I am a human being, and so I am filled with weakness and regret. But I want to thank them for hiring me in the first place, and then for all of the work that they have done on a consistent basis to make Videogum what it is. (And for their friendship duh.) Finally, I would like to thank you guys. If you did not read the site, the site wouldn’t exist. End of story. But even more than that, I think you guys make the site through all of your tips, and comments, and side blogs, and chat rooms, and genuine sense of actual community. It’s incredible. So, thank you. I realize now that it kind of sounds like I am dying? Oh well. Thank you, everyone! R.I.P. GABE! It was fun while it lasted. Hopefully they have blogs in heaven just kidding they better not!

We did it, you guys! Three years! I kind of thought the world would be covered in water by now? Shoot. Let’s goooo!

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  1. Did you hear that, guys? We make the site. Gabe put it in writing and everything. This will for sure hold up in a court of law. Everybody be sure to go add “co-blogger” to your resumes tonight.

    • We got the job!

      • My friends told me about — Mee tBla ckwh ite. C’ 0- M —–told It’s the best pl’ace to me’et bl’ack wh’ite sin’gles. Come in and stay a while. Complete your pro’file. Post a message, a picture of yourself and check out the photo galleries.

        Give it a try, you will find so’meone you lik’e there… ;)
        @@@@FOR REALZ. I quote the 100 Seconds about sports ALL THE TIME and no one ever gets it (mostly because I’m just going “what does a wizard need with a gun?” at random moments when it’s not at all appropriate and everyone around me is just confused).

  2. You guys, I had no idea the NYC monsters were such an attractive bunch. Now I’m kinda excited to move there.

  3. what’s the over/under on videogum babies conceived last night?

    • Put me down for three!

    • I know I didn’t conceive a baby, because what I did last night doesn’t do that. But I did get laid, all thanks to Videogum. (Not all thanks to Videogum. But it was an awfully convenient excuse to invite this person to my neck of the woods.) Thanks, Gabe! And especial thanks to Kristen for being just the best, though everybody was the best, so not to play favorites, but Kristen, you’re my favorite.

  4. Awww, even though I live in Arkansas (it’s ok, don’t cry, you might could move here one day) and even though I’ve only read the blog for a few weeks (but I mean, come on, in internet time I think that’s like, forever) that’s close enough and long enough (TWSS) to be able to get a sense of the real community that is Videogum!

    I googled “videogum birthday cake” and it came back with some really REALLY funny but hilariously not applicable photos, but this one I think really sums it up best:

    Happy Birthday, Monsters!!!!!1!!! <3 <3 <3

  5. fashion trends among vgum monsters:
    -glasses (serious eyesight problems d00d!)
    -black and white stripes

    should Discovery Channel ever want to do a immersion probe into the Monster den to observe the lifestyle/habitat, I think they know what to wear.

    • Gwyneth Paltrow is sporting a black and white striped shirt on the cover of her latest book (“Me”).

  6. I’m so sad that I am a Toronto monster and could not party hard with you other monsters. I send my monster love.

  7. Nice suit Gabe, I guess I missed your cameo in Inception!! Zing! Got him! High fives to me!

  8. Good to know i’ve been here for more than half of it’s existence. Would have been nice to be there and meet some of you guys. VIVA VIDEOGUM

  9. I am choosing this place to begin my petition to bring back Gabe & Max. Those were the best, I watch them all the time (still!), and there should be hundreds of them with billions of viewers.

    • Seconded.

    • FOR REALZ. I quote the 100 Seconds about sports ALL THE TIME and no one ever gets it (mostly because I’m just going “what does a wizard need with a gun?” at random moments when it’s not at all appropriate and everyone around me is just confused).

    • Whaa? I watched those videos again on wednesday! Are you inside my head? Those videos are the best and I was sadden to see there weren’t any new ones =(
      Come on,, get with the program!!


  11. Gabe always looks like he fell out of Details magazine like a subscription card

  12. If I didn’t have fucking kids to teach I totes woulda been there. Fucking kids.

  13. It genuinely warms my heart when Gabe says nice things and seems happy about stuff.

  14. You guys, I think I have a crush on Max. Don’t tell him, ok?!

  15. Gabe, you have very veiny hands.

  16. Happy 3rd Birthday, Videogum! And big thanks to Gabe for running such a kickass site.

    Wishing you many, many more years to come. (That elusive worst movie of all time ain’t gonna just hunt itself)

    • Are you on Twitter, Hammer?

      • No, I’ve never embraced the Twitter trend. I probably should, and everyone else I know has, but I’m just the big grump that keeps avoiding it.

        Every time someone tries to explain to me what “hashmarks,” mean, my eyes glaze over and I realize that I’ve probably reached my threshold for understanding new things in the universe.

  17. Bummer that I missed another Anniversary (was a baby last year, had class this year). Have a party in the summer (for my birthday preferably) and I’ll def come!

  18. Thanks to Gabe and all monsters past, present, and future for making this the cool table of the internet.

  19. Unlike the gatherings and hangouts around my neck of the woods, there’s not one person wearing an Affliction or Tapout shirt.

    My mind = boggled.

  20. I can’t wait to be an unemployed college graduate living at my parents’ house so that I can attend the 4th birthday party next year instead of being stuck in college in North Carolina!

    Oh, and…hey cute girl Monsters. What’s up. I’ll also be a single (probably, let’s be serious) recently graduated, unemployed 22 year old living at my parents’ house at that point! So let me know when we can hang out. One at a time, please, please.

  21. Aw man … I love you guys. Sometimes you just gotta say it, you know?

  22. Damn son. It looks like there were mad heads up in that bitch. Kristen Schaal looks mad cute in that hoodie pic.

  23. Heather Lawless? More like Heather FLAWLESS, am I right?

    But seriously she was so good last night.

  24. Guys! There is a picture documenting me telling Gabe and everyone how unemployed I am! (I look really, really happy about it.) Gabe, we make a great team. Hire me?

  25. Good lord, I think the monsters making sexyface with pizza in photo 35 were on America’s Next Top Model. I officially watch too much tv.

  26. Gabe was not pleased when he found out that everyone telling him that the party was going to be Inception-themed was a joke.

  27. I don’t even remember pictures being taken! It was probably when I was in the other room arguing with Frank Lloyd Wrong about whether Joe Mande would fit in a Pokemon ball (I’m unconvinced).
    Anyway, here’s what I look like:

  28. Happy B-day, Videogum! Fruit Gushers for everyone!

  29. Sorry you died, Gabe.

  30. This was very fun! Thanks to Videogum for putting it on. Also, I met Gabe (which was almost as exciting as the time I saw Gillian Jacobs [which is a reference that I am still making])!

    Secondly, incredible cupcakes. INCREDIBLE.

  31. It’s fun to hang out with friends w/ pizza, everyone agree!?

  32. So last night I was kind of scared that you guys weren’t all gifs or avatars so I did not say hi, even though Gabe walked right past me, so close, but next time I think I can learn to accept it

  33. Looks like fun. Too bad it was sold out when I got there. #Blast

  34. Redhead in Plaid Coat at The Bell House – w4w – 33 (Brooklyn)

    You were the last comedian to take the stage last night. Your Southern drawl charmed me. Your jokes frightened me. When you talked about your heavy vagina and your baby’s boner, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I’d love to see you perform again, but I can’t seem to find a website or Twitter account or Facebook page for you anywhere on the Internet. Perhaps fate will bring us back together someday? I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

  35. Cenac Attack!

  36. Just a lot of back-patting on here with the cute comedians and the co-blogging, and the teen pregnancies. No baby ever got to 3 by being complacent. Let’s stay focused!

  37. I love this place.

  38. can i put this here?

  39. In the words of Amby Sander, Happy Birthday Vimeojam!

  40. I am so jealous of everyone who was there! Also Heather Lawless, if you’re reading this: is that a Pendleton ’49er jacket? I love it!

  41. Do you NYC area monsters ever meet up in smaller groups? I feel like I’d have no idea who was a Monster or not at these bigger gatherings (who wants to talk to non-Monsters anyway?). Maybe I should just come to the next event and wear this shirt:

  42. Here’s to 3 more years (at least) of double entendres and celebrity bashing. My smile doesn’t fit in my face right now.

  43. I can’t believe it has been three years. If these page impressions could talk (?). I have changed as a person (for the better) over the last three years and gone through some major shiiiiiit (divorce). Being part of this community has actually helped me through it all. I am a happier and more comfortable person because of this site. Of course there are a number of reasons why I have grown as a person, but the fact that Videogum ( I know its ridiculous) is one of them, is pretty awesome!

  44. New Mexico doesn’t seem so fun now. Or ever, actually.

  45. congratulations, gabe.

    i miss being able to comment in real time on here. i wish the internet would stop incepting them and not posting them for hours.

  46. It was a really nice party and all, but it did break my rule against MULTIPLE PEOPLE WEARING CATCHER IN THE RYE SHIRTS. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Just put down the gun, slowly.

  47. What if it turned out Videogum was just limbo? #allblogsgotoheaven

  48. Happy Birthday Videogum! First comment ever! I’ve been lurking too long and realized how much this site means to me so I’m coming out of the closet.

  49. That was a really fun night and full of comedy gold. Max’s “Water!” Water, water!” story was amazing and should be enshrined in the constitution or something. Yay Videgum for being awesome.

  50. I wish I could meet you guys!! (no psycho). You should all come to Hartford.
    hahaha just kidding! I would never do that to you guys.

    But seriously… you got pizza from Delicious Pizza?!?! so lucky.

  51. I love Videogum so much! For real, keep up the great work, Gabe. And monsters, keep doing what you’re doing (being amazing)

  52. Yay, Videogum! Thank you for being so awesome! I sincerely appreciate the daily comic relief VG provides me in spite of my very stressful job as a high school teacher in East LA. Videogum and VG Monsters are frickin’ RAD!!! :) ))

  53. Happy Birthday, Videogum! This has inspired me to come back and start commenting again! (Some of you may remember me from my TWO PRIOR COMMENTS.) I stopped because everyone can see my computer at work and I didn’t want to risk getting caught reading/commenting about how much I hate Gwyneth Paltrow, but then I realized something important: I hate my job, so who cares! YAY!

  54. good job, everybody!! we did it! that was great.

    -the door girl

    (sorry if i told you you couldn’t bring glass in or had to go back for a handstamp, i was just doing my job!)

  55. ps if wyatt doesn’t use that ‘wild man’ pic as a publicity photo, something is WRONG.

  56. Looks like a blast. Totally jealous! Love this site and wish I had more free time to comment and be a full-time monster. Also, there’s the time difference thing, which brings me to my next point: SF Bay Area Monster meetup! Ahhh!!!

  57. Am I the only one who thinks that picture 27 looks an awful lot like Samantha Bee and Rich Sommer?

  58. Aw bummer. My silly job made me late to this love fest! I too love this site and all the fun it provides, even when I can’t comment that much or think what I have to say isn’t that funny.

  59. Woah lookit here, there’s a picture of me on the Videogum! Holy frijoles! Incredibly tempting time to make my second comment ever. Though I managed to create a hangover, I was too shy last night to say hello to most of you last night. (I’m the lady wearing invisalign) (no, really)

  60. Aw, me too! (re: shyness and hangover but not re: invisalign) It was fun trying to explain to my coworkers today that having a photo of one’s self captioned with “Monsters!” was actually a compliment and not a Jersey Shore-esque diss.

  61. Damn it I wish I could have been there! Stupid college and work and stuff. I hate my stupid film thesis! Ugh.

    this was the lamest post I’ve ever written. I’ll see myself out.

  62. Oh man, there was cake left over! Send some to Oakland.

  63. stupid government shutdown making me work like crazy trying to help people not get furloughed and missing all the damn videogum fun.
    being a grownup sucks sometimes, am i right?

  64. Videogum is three years old? Isn’t that the “anal fixation” year? Should be some interesting posts…

  65. I was at this party and the whole time I was like


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