I really like a lot of Lars Von Trier’s movies, and I’m certainly willing to give this a shot, but can we all agree that it at least based on the trailer it looks pretty hilarious? You know, between this and the Fred 3D movie, I’m almost starting to feel bad for filmmakers. It’s like, your movies are either too stupid or too whatever the hell THIS even is. It’s so hard to hit that sweet-spot! Those poor, poor filmmakers. Nothing to console themselves with but exorbitant salaries and a constant diet of caviar blinis. Get well soon, directors. (Oh, it turns out the directors are all sick, too. It’s sad!)

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  1. For a Lars Von Trier movie, I really expected the trailer to have a lot more Willem Dafoe genital mutilation.

  2. White people problems. AMIRITE?!

  3. Hollywood Post-It note: What if we did kind of a combo Merchant Ivory/Michael Bay movie? We could get Jack Bower to save the day!

  4. Confession time, i have always been kind of afraid of Lars Von Trier movies, did you know what after Dancer In The Dark Bjork ate her costume in the forest while crying? He also made Nicole Kidman cry, and Nicole Kidman does not have emotions.

    • Also, this guy…

      [URL=http://www.gifsoup.com/view/2293329/creepy-dude.html][IMG]http://www.gifsoup.com/imager.php?id=2293329&t=o[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://www.gifsoup.com/]GIFSoup[/URL]

    • [URL=http://www.gifsoup.com/view/2293329/creepy-dude.html][IMG]http://www.gifsoup.com/imager.php?id=2293329&t=o[/IMG][/URL]

  5. Some of my favorite movies are about whispering.

  6. Guys, I am shedding Lars von Tears for the state of the American film industry right now.

    YA BURNT, Hollywood!

  7. Needs more genital mutilation, amirite?

  8. “What if something happened that was so sad it made the sun cry, and the tear came down and wiped out humanity” #CannesPostItNote

  9. Me watching this trailer:

    “Ok, I do NOT need to be watching movies where weddings go off the rails at this point in my life. Wait, did that kid says something about a fucking planet behind the moon? Yawn. Not going to see thi.. fuck, he DID say planet. Ok, ok. Cool, Kiki Dunst has force lightning in this. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s done. What the fuck did I just watch.”

  10. The only thing missing from that trailer is this:

  11. This is what you get when you accuse the film industry of being out of new ideas.

  12. i heard this movie’s a prequel to:

  13. Runaway Bride + Caddyshack + 2001 = this?

  14. I’m sorry, and I won’t claim to be any expert on film (because I know nothing), but my only experience with Lars Von Trier was when I saw The Idiots (I didn’t see Antichrist, even though I kind of wanted to), and it was horrendous. I’ve never seen any movie so dependent on shock value in my life (although the book Running with Scissors was pretty ridiculous with that as well).

    Long-story short, and ignoring the really annoying parenthesis in this post, shut up Dogme 95.

  15. I’m watching this on a public computer at a real life building that does not have sound and what i’m gathering is that this movie is about a dream wedding that Dunst can’t have because of a solar eclipse – and horses?

  16. This is some M. Night Shyamalan shit right here.

  17. I’ve never seen a Lars Von Trier film. If I were going to start tomorrow (or… a couple days from now after I return my current Netflix), which Lars Von Trier should I move to the top of my list? (Sorry “The House Bunny” – you will just have to wait) HAHAHAHHA*

    *totes serious

  18. What I’ve taken from Lars Von Tiers’ last few movie trailers? He likes to let five year olds draw the movie title in the medium of their choice. Finger paints? Crayon scribbles? Impression art? I really hope the next one is in Popsicle Stix.

  19. That seemed like a perfectly normal fragrance commercial.

  20. This movie should be called “Titties”. Because “titty” is a hilarious word, and… basically, they should make a movie (nonporn) called “Titties” that’s all sad and shit, and has a wedding.

    • When I was in a sophomore in high school, I was in a European history class. We had to do presentations on various Old-World artists like Raphael, Michaelangelo, etc. One of the kids stood up to do his presentation on Titian. Instead of pronouncing Titian as “Tishyan,” he got up and said “My presentation is on the Italian painter Titty-an.” The entire class laughed for at least 3 minutes, drowning out the protests of our teacher.

      What I’m saying is, my 10th grade history class would definitely agree with you.

    • This might be one of my favorite comments of all time. No sarcasmo

  21. wah wah rich and beautiful but sad and lonely, wah wah a new planet is going to collide with the earth and end us all, oh wow electric hands – but most importantly , WHERE IS THE TAG FOR ALEXANDER SKARSGARD?! show some repsect

  22. Yeah, but I’ll see anything with John Hurt in it.

  23. I feel like this planet wants to destroy the Earth only because Kirsten Dunst is still acting. It’s actually the hero of this movie. It’s trying to save us.

  24. Is this the prequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

  25. SPOILER ALERT! The planet is the unconscious mind hiding behind the veneer of rituals that provide the facade of meaning, structure and reliability to our world. Faced with it we are intoxicated and humbled by it’s power, while surrendering to the liberating melancholia of knowing our true selves, and the world.

  26. oolala charlotte gainsbourg

    ewwwww kirsten dunst

  27. “I’m not showing my breasts in a movie, so if you want me, you’ll have to cut that part out of the movie.” —Kirsten Dunst, 2002

    “Oh, all right.” —Kirsten Dunst, 2011

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