Good review. Very critical. In conclusion: he would buy Fruit Gushers. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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  1. Fruit Gushers: Well-loved.

  2. So I’ve taken a poll of what we all think of the new commenting system.

    Damn it, Winwood.

  3. Is this kid Andy Kaufman?

  4. I’ve always enjoyed how they specify that they’re FRUIT gushers. As if to differentiate them from the similar Vegetable Gushers and Meat Gushers.

  5. “Tomorrow on ‘Food Review:’ Cobb Salad.

    JUST KIDDING. Tomorrow it’s :

  6. I don’t care what anyone says, the intrigued “ooh!” sound he makes after eating the first gusher cements TheFoodReviewer in my heart forever. Like, he forgot just precisely what gushers taste like and that first bite is so GENUINELY EXCITING! I wish I had his enthusiasm.

  7. I know that this is a sentiment that shows my age, but boy oh boy, every once in awhile I am reminded how glad I am that the Internet didn’t exist when I was a teenager. EEEEK! Of course, my generation will be the last to ever feel this way, because people who did grow up with the Internet can’t possibly imagine the world being any different. I suppose the out-moded nature of this particular gratitude suggests disuse of gratitude in general, as we all follow our natural evolution towards becoming PURE ENERGY. Enjoy it. I won’t be there, of course. I will be dead. For this, too, I am grateful. SUPERPOKE!

  8. MAKE YOUR BED! – Dad

  9. I feel like I just watched a larger kid eat gushers.

  10. I thought Augustus Gloop was more of a chocolate man.

  11. I have no problems with this. Me and Gushers are square. Just don’t let him frost his tips or wear stupid shades at all times.

  12. I’m surprised he can eat after getting stung by what looks like 10,000 bees.

  13. Are we sure this isn’t Tom Colicchio’s child? Seems they have similar palates and insight into food.

  14. Now that we have The Food Reviewers opinion about Fruit Gushers, I’d like to hear from the tiny person controlling him from inside.

  15. “Someday I hope a kid will film himself eating a fruit gusher for millions to see so that children everywhere can simultaneously experience artificial fruit juices gushing into their mouths.” – The inventor of Fruit Gushers, I think.

  16. The “Diet Coke in a can” review is equally captivating.

  17. I hate this

  18. This describes perfectly my most recent dinner at El Bulli

    • Lawblog, I want you to know that despite the low number of upvotes (for now), this is a brilliant and noteworthy comment. I hesitate to overuse the word, but I have no qualms about calling this comment genius.

    • But really lawblog, have you been to El Bulli?! Cause if so, jealous!

      • Thank you, Babs. And no, I have not been to El Bulli, unfortunately. Although I have been to comerç 24, which is run by one of Adria’s disciples so… almost?

  19. The Girl Scout Cookie review is terrifying (but accurate):

    where are the parents? in my day, fat kids (i.e. me) hid in shame like they should, etc etc get off my lawn…

  20. “Fruit Gushers Can Never Be Art”
    - Roger Ebert But For Fruit Snacks

  21. Sadly, you know he consumes at least three more packets.

  22. He’ll find his calling in life when he eventually helps many with his diabetes medicine reviews.

  23. Fuck this noise. You ever open up a pouch of gushers and enjoy them without having to first dislodge them from the fruity tumor that they ALWAYS FORM by binding together? No, because that doesn’t happen.

    This kid’s a hack. I hate this kid. His favorite star wars is the one with the guy from heroes, and he only wears jean shorts, never pants, even in the winter. He’s not even old enough to vote. If he did, he’d vote for the political party with the turtle, you know the one.

  24. I love this kid. My heart goes out to him forever. I want to be his friend. And I am sincere.

  25. I have a confession to make. I am a 20 year old college student, and I eat these things like it’s going out of style. I’ll see myself out…

  26. He takes requests? I can so feel a Videogum Everywhere coming on….

    I’m thinking we go with celery.

  27. He needs to review an apple or something.

    That said, I love this kid. I wish him only the best from life and watching him review those delicious sweets made my heart swell. He’s clearly sweet and bright. I just want to grab him and tell him that everything is going to be ok.

    Or is that just me?

  28. When I was in college, we had to fill out course evaluation forms at the end of the semester for every class we took. (Does every school do this?) So on the form there was a section where you could leave your personal suggestions for how to improve the class. This is what always I wrote–every single time, for the whole three years I was there–in the suggestion section: Bring more snacks. Us kids especially love Gushers and Toaster Strudels.

  29. Morgan Spurlock couldn’t make it a month, and what is this kid, like 11?

  30. What’s his stance on Fruit by the Foot?

  31. He just posted a thank you video to Tosh.0 for getting him so many views after they reblogged this over there. Wheres the werttrew and VG love kid!?!?!

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