Well, sure. No, of course. If you think about it, the weird thing is that we haven’t seen this picture BEFORE. Hey, here’s a question: do you ever get the feeling that heaven isn’t actually going to be a golden city built on a cloud mountain, but will just be a windowless cinderblock room “backstage” in the basement of a superdome with heavily picked-over catering trays? Oh look, Einstein lined up three hotel conference room stacking chairs in a row for a makeshift bed. Way to go, Einstein! (Hahahha.) All our favorite characters will be there! VINCENT! (Via ABlog4Guys.)

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  1. Snoopy Snoopy Pee Dogg.

  2. Snoop only showed up because someone said Pee Wee would be there and he thought they said “Free Weed.”

  3. Ain’t Nothin’ but a PeeWee Thang

  4. The initial casting for the character of “Dottie” did not go well.

  5. Snoop insisted upon the meeting after hearing how much Paul Reubens had enjoyed seeing Soul Plane while it was still in theaters.

  6. He’s done with drugs. That was so many haircuts ago.

  7. Buddy comedy, Snoop Dogg. Pee Wee Herman, cops?


  9. Can we caption this muthafucka?

  10. I like how the site was down but then it came back all crazy. Or do I dislike it? Hard to say.

  11. Snoops latest protoge, Pee Weezy in da club!

  12. Smash hit album “The Peefather?”

    Ew. Sorry guys. Gross.

  13. That is a very normal hand you’ve got there, Pee-Wee Herman. It does not appear to be made of wax at all.

  14. remake peewee’s big adventure – in 3d – Snoop as “Francis?” #hollywoodpostit

  15. Okay, kids, what is today’s secret word?

  16. Just a couple of NORML guys.

  17. Longtime videogum reader de-lurking in order to provide necessary context for this photo:

    Both of these men were surprise guests at WRESTLEMANIA last Sunday. Not only is heaven a windowless cinderblock room “backstage” in the basement of a superdome (Georgia Dome, actually) with heavily picked-over catering trays, everything is covered with a thin film of wrestler grease. Snooki is there, too.

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