This isn’t a recap, because it’s too late for a recap, but this was the most “whoa”-worthy moment of Sunday’s confounding episode of Mad Men: suddenly, Betty Draper has stopped wandering around guzzling wine in a housedress with dirty hair and has decided to channel her ennui into deliberately fucking up other people’s lives. As impending as some sort of moment like this seemed when Betty sent SaraBeth to lunch with Arthur in her stead, it’s a shock to see Betty be so hateful, taking self-righteous delight in another’s pain. You just don’t recover from this:

That is the most messed up version of living vicariously ever seen on a show about repressed housewives in the 1960s. Bad Betty! Also, if anyone has any idea/predictions about what was/is going on with Don/Dick, consider this an open thread, because: what?

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  1. Hells Bells, Lindsay! How can you not cover Sally becoming a woman with the time-honored gift of riding boots and then Betty getting her sympathy period?

    This show is breaking new ground in being bizarre (or being crap. It’s starting to feel like crap). Is Alan Ball secretly ghost writing this season?

    Oh, and welcome back.

  2. forget all this shit… peggy’s officially THE BEST.
    why? because she has the balls of 30 men (so says Roger).
    because crane and kinsey are PIIIISSSSED she got her own office.
    and because she told Pete (that ass hole bastard) that she was sleeping with Don to get ahead.
    She ownnnns Sterling Cooper. I have a strong inkling she will be a victim of the buy out though.

    In other news – WTF is up with Joan’s fiance – Dr. McRapey? he is sooo wrong for her. possessive, jealous, molesty. what else can be said?

    Betty used her friends as an experiment and got her intended result – boo yah.

    Don and Anna (aka MRS. DRAPER! WTF?) have a bizarre relationship. But how cute was Jon Hamm while playing younger Don. Give this man the Emmy because I bought it (with cash!). As younger Don (Dick) he was bright eyed and bushy tailed, and innocent and earnest – and as the Don we know, he’s squinty eyed, serious, and frankly tired looking. John Hamm is a GREAT actor.

  3. This episode was a great big mess of “what” for me. I thought the bizarre aspect of last week’s was because of the whole, “Forget it, Pete. It’s Californiatown.” thing, but now it’s still just as weird.

    I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually rooting for Pete and Peggy to get together. There’s supposed to be some sort of mega-bombshell for next week’s finale, so maybe it’s that. Or maybe Joan’s fiance accidentally falls on a kitchen knife ten times.

  4. nathan  |   Posted on Oct 21st, 2008 0

    Can someone explain to me, because I’m apparently stupid, why did Betty suddenly start bleeding?

  5. i think she has her period, which is why she’s a major bitch. obviously, that makes all women bitches.

    and the rape thing was ridiculous.

    and apparently don abandoned everyone for no reason?

    this episode was ridiculous.

  6. nathan  |   Posted on Oct 21st, 2008 0

    I thought it might have been her stigmata

  7. Kim  |   Posted on Oct 21st, 2008 0

    I guess I’m in the minority by not being confused by this show.

    Don’s secret (used to be Dick, stole Don’s identity when he was in the war) was found out by the REAL Don Draper’s wife. They became friends. He visited her and talked about Betty. He paid for stuff for her. Now that he and Betty are having problems, he visited her again.

  8. I think the blood could possibly be a sign of a miscarriage. Maybe from the time Betty had sex with Don at her dad’s house?

  9. btw: betty’s manipulation began episodes ago when she set her friend up with their young riding partner. she’s channeled her sexual energy into rage. sort of like a certain fiance.

    and paul got dumped. bye-bye black character!

    ps now that joan’s been raped it’s going to be difficult seeing her as much of a vixen. that’s not something you can just forget in the interest of oggling.

  10. Aaron  |   Posted on Oct 28th, 2008 +2

    The rape actually makes sense to me. During the episode Joan’s Fiance can’t seem to kick the thought that she has been with other men (although she lied to him and said “you’re the first”) After observing the exchange between Joan and Roger he knows that she HAS been with someone else and was very angry about it. Having no control over the past he decides to plan to get her in one of the offices to rape her. That’s the important part. He wanted to shame her in a place that represented the man (or men) he thinks she has been sleeping with. The rape was about control, not about sex.

    Also, I find it really interesting the exchange of power between Joan and Peggy. S01E01 you are introduce to the “new girl” who is told what to do and is sort of looked down on by Joan because she is new. Now at the end of S02 you see how Joan says with little confidence (because of the rape and watching Peggy succeed as she fails) sitting in Peggy’s OLD DESK how she will get married (as if anyone cares) and Peggy replies “oh, that’s great” as she shuts the door of her NEW OFFICE behind her.

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