And THIS is why Stephen Colbert is king.

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  1. Does that make James Franco the Queen?

  2. Now he’s just straight-up mocking us.

  3. If I were famous for some silly reason like being in the Royal Family, there is no way that I wouldn’t invite famous people who are famous for awesome reasons to my wedding, regardless of any connection I had to them. What I am saying is if I were in the Prince, I would invite Colbert, Stewart, Gabe, the entire casts of all the Star Treks, Gabe, Jeff Goldblum…

  4. Steven is proving your theory about women not liking goofs wrong, Gabe. I’d do him, even when he does his “stiff upper lip” face and has a butter/tea/scone mixture dripping down his chin.

    • Wait, women don’t like goofs? Apparently I have been doing it wrong my entire life (no entendro).

      • Pleaaaaaaaseeee don’t spread the word. If more women find out about this, I’m my ladyfriend will be done with me and I’ll never have another one. I mean, christ, yesterday I was wearing a shirt that said “Grammar are Sexy.” (Made specially for my by said ladyfriend who cannot find out that women don’t like goofs.)

        • I am not actually my lady friend. Possible things I was writing: “I’m screwed (then a pun).” “I’m lonely forever” (rejected for being too sad and pitying and just not true” “I’m (joke about how I’d have to change my personality, but I couldn’t think of anything so I didn’t go with it)”

    • *ahem* I believe we all know how I feel about goofs. Colbert is my #1, he even bests Hamm.

  5. Between this, Kristen Schaal’s segment on the Daily Show, and Paul Simon AND Donald Glover on Fallon, it was a good night for TBS Very Funny.

  6. The royal wedding; the biggest news no one gives a shit about.

  7. I’m just happy this was filmed at Tea and Sympathy! #favplace

  8. I once took my tea high, but I still had a nasty case of cottonmouth.

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