You know what, enough James Franco already. It’s exhausting. Between his movies and his (defunct) Twitter and his multiple, concurrent graduate degree programs (on opposite sides of the country, as if that is even a thing) and hosting the Oscars also maybe he is going to be in a Broadway play and now he is also teaching two (TWO!) different classes and today the AP is reporting that he works at The Colbert Report?

ENOUGH. Honestly, it is too much! It’s exhausting even just to casually ignore most of it on the Internet! I haven’t felt this put upon by a celebrity’s incessant need for constant attention since BENNIFER. And at least that was TWO PEOPLE. And they had the decency to BREAK UP. At this point the only thing dude even has left to do is release a signature fragrance.

Go to bed, James Franco. No one likes you anymore.

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  1. And despite all this, he’s still just Jimmy From The Block.

  2. I’m not going to argue with James Franco going to bed.

    Can it be MY bed?

  3. Looks like we’re all ready:

    • Nothing can ruin that cameo for me. Him inclining the pillow’s “head” ever so slightly in introduction…defending his relationship with the ottoman as “strictly business”, and (of course), “Neither am I, Liz!”.

  4. Jackass of all trades, master of none.

  5. Since he does everything, maybe he will do me.

  6. You know what I think is weird? My mom is obsessed with him! She is always filling me in on fun Franco facts…like that he used to work at McDonald’s. Cool story, mom!


  7. Way to go Gabe, now you made James Franco cry

  8. “Go to bed, James Franco. No one likes you anymore.”

    Not true. I never liked him to start with.

  9. Man, and I barely have enough to do one job poorly.

  10. I still kinda like him in a weird man crush kind of way.

  11. Oh James Franco. It’s ok to take a break. Shhh. Why don’t you put on your jammies while I make you a cup of sleepytime tea. Do you want to cuddle Mr. Bearsly? Why don’t you just take Mr. Bearsly and get tucked in. I’ll get the Oscar the Grouch nitelite for you, and be right in with your tea and The Little Prince. It is time for sleepy Francos to take a nap!

    Hopefully you will be all rested up for Your Highness, and we can go back to having good clean fun!

  12. Adderall’s a helluva drug.

  13. Please don’t release a signature fragrance, James Franco. You kinda look like you smell bad.

  14. Ever wonder how James Franco seems to manage to be in so many places at the same time?

  15. He likes JOBS!

  16. I think we all know who the tea partiers should really be blaming unemployment on. JAMES FRANCO TOOK OUR JOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  18. Should I not tell Gabe about this?

  19. I can’t make fun of James Franco. He did a cameo for my orchestra’s Halloween Show film (yes, it’s at Yale), and he was totally cool. That buys him about seven months of jackassery before I can make jokes.


    (PS – I’m the guy in the eyepatch.)

  20. good. i’m glad people are over him. now i can continue to like him and not feel like im on some sort of bandwagon. since i care about that type of thing.

    that’s why i can’t wait for the next arcade fire album to be terrible. that should clean out the gutters.

  21. ….and some where Dave Franco is taking a role in a ABC family show after getting turned down for a bit part in the next Nicholas Sparks movie.

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  23. The York Dispatch – YOUR source for all things Franco!


    The AP learns that some words and often entire conversations on the Colbert Report are sometimes, on occasion, delivered in sarcastic, joking and mocking tones and not everything out of the host’s or guests’ mouths are 100% sincere and take-it-to-the-bank printable as news.

    Or not.

  25. Here’s how I see it. James Franco is to dudes as Gwyneth Paltrow is to ladies. That is to say, divisive. Both loathed and adored in equal measure. Yes?

    My two cents? I’d have a semi-drunken conversation with him in a bar. (Which is a euphemism my friend and I made up. Guess what it means?!?)

  26. I have a Franco man crush as much as anyone…but I def can’t get down with all that work. I mean it’s like chill you know? Nobody that ambitious can be cool to chill with. and “cool to chill with” is what a man crush is. I think I just got over my man crush while writing this. Thanks ‘gum.

  27. Said Franco: “You rule. I want to work with you.”

    Ha, stop the presses!

  28. Let’s travel back to when I posted this right after the Oscars and it was down-voted into obilivifranco. WHO’S CORRECT IN THEIR CORRELATIVE PHOTOS NOW?

  29. Not to mention that he’s doing it all with just one arm.

  30. I’m pretty sure that annoying people without doing anything really wrong, unless you take him seriously, is pretty much his goal, and that amuses me, like I believe it amuses him.

  31. Who? Just kidding, I know it’s Spider-man’s frenemy.

  32. What I see: Bennifer.
    What I think: Benjamin Franklin and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    Are either of those correct?

  33. I suspect somewhere Linda Cardellini is reading this. She is rolling her eyes and nodding in agreement.

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