Last night at some fancy thing, Alec Baldwin told Vulture that next season would be the last season of 30 Rock. And then the Internet exploded. But no one actually knows whether this is true or not. It’s almost as bad as the time Selma Blair brought Sarah Michelle Gellar’s burn book to the academy!

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    This has been confirmed. The following source states that yes, 30 Rock WILL end its run next year:×3

  2. Since saying something makes it true being married to Zooey Deschanel rules

  3. This hurts more than the time he called me an ungrateful little pig.

  4. Man, today is a REALLY bad day for anybody who watches TV, huh?,54194/

  5. I’m OK with this. I’d rather have them end on a high note (The Wire) rather than whither and die (The X-Files and most other shows).

    • or wither and die, whatever.

    • I thought I was the only person who thought this (no I didn’t, that ridiculous). I’ve thought this about a few shows, and I recently heard that Matthew Weiner wants to end Mad Men after season seven and got super excited because maybe Mad Men won’t suck at the end? That would be great!

      Also, I know we all love Arrested Development, but because it was so short nearly episode was amazing! So, maybe we should stop complaining (commence downvotes)?

  6. That’s a deal*breaker!


  7. Hey, it wasn’t SMG’s burn book, it was Ryan Phillippe’s. #cruelintentions101

    I never got the end of that movie. Why did Selma seem to be so happy to hand out copies of a journal that said horrible things about her? Why did Reese Witherspoon get Ryan’s car?

  8. speaking of burn books Tina Fey wrote a movie that had a burn book

    Always Be Referring To Mean Girls

  9. But 30 ROCK has to go on forever! Surely the series will never get old and stop being funny! Look at THE SIMPSONS!

  10. even though it’s sad, i’m okay with this. 30 rock should go out on a high note.

  11. Ok, so worst idea for a 30 Rock Spinoff? BNPG???

  12. I guess it’s true – the world really will end in 2012.

  13. Wait, maybe this means Bitch Hunter will finally have a slot on NBC now?!

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