“I’m definitely a feminist, but if I had to describe my personal philosophy it has less to do with, like, gender inequality or counter-acting socially constructed normative roles, and a lot more to do with giving everyone the freedom to live their lives as they see fit. I’m one of those women who believes that there’s nothing anti-feminist with cooking for “your man” or taking charge of creating a home, if that’s what you want to do. I mean, isn’t the whole point equality in everything, including equality to CHOOSE? I totally respect and appreciate the struggles of women who came before me to defy the patriarchy’s status quo and open up the world to the rest of us, but we can’t simply replace one set of expectations with another. If anything, it is anti-feminist to demand that women fulfill any role other than the role they choose for themselves, right? I mean, that’s how I see it. Of course, I do have certain demands for any man that I’m going to date. He has to understand and respect where I’m coming from. It also doesn’t hurt if he is a total creep and won’t shut up about apologizing to Gaia or whatever, as if he and his turtleneck were personally responsible for the institutionalization of sexism and misogyny. I just want a man who is constantly looking into my eyes, flattening out his pervert mustache, and whispering “I’m sorry, for everything.” It’s hot!”


Good GOD! I’m all for, like, women or whatever, but WHO ARE THESE DUDES AND WHAT ARE THEY DOING? Oh well, now we may never know, as I’m sure they’re all in the morgue, having died from suffocation after being up to their necks in pussy.

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  1. “.. and also, how’s that sammich coming?”

  2. My boyfriends cry during blowjobs.

  3. Someone is named “Gay Hendricks”? Is he related to boobs, I mean Christina?

  4. And they say chivalry is dead.

  5. I bet they have a good attitude toward menstruation.

  6. you. are. fooling. no. one.

  7. “I hope they serve wine coolers in Nirvana.”

  8. Hahahahh, they don’t know I’m a dude. Stupid men.

  9. Also: fake and gay.

  10. This video would sound so much better with the Guile theme

  11. “Let’s be equals.” -This guy

    “I’d rather not.” -Women

  12. As Freud said, “Sometimes a cigar is just something we never should have invented because it reminds you of millenia of oppression and penises which are bad and I’m ashamed to have one.”

  13. “Lolz, what are these guys even TALKING about??”

  14. I watched about a minute of this and assumed it was just these two dudes talking over the drug treatment center commercial music, but then I went back and watched more. How do people convince so many other people to do things? These 2 have just gone from oddballs to geniuses in my book.

  15. I don’t know, guys, I still think group dating profiles are a bad idea.

  16. “Dear women: I am sorry for all the times I have said, ‘iron my shirt.’ it’s is sexist, degrading, and unfunny. In a pathetic attempt to reinforce traditional gender roles in an assertive, dominant fashion, all I really did was insult you and embarrass myself. It is crude and lowbrow comment, and for that I apologize.

    But, um, the thing is I really DON’T know how to iron my own shirt. Whenever I try, I just smear water all over it. And every time I get one wrinkle out, I make another crease somewhere else. So,I mean, if you would, that’d be great. Just because I do have a really big meeting today, and it only takes you like two minutes…”

  17. “Written by Gay Hendricks.”


  18. These guys must have been huge dicks before they turned into such big pussies.

  19. These dudes are all totally in the fort-building club.

  20. Dear men in this video:

    Thanks for your making this. Nothing makes me feel more empowered than a condescending, self-congratulating video.



  21. My anger prison has never looked so good.

  22. apology accepted? what’s the endgame of this video? a pat on the back?

  23. From Youtube commenter filmfanfilms:

    “Dear Woman,

    I apologize for this video.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Sane Man”

  24. Exhibit 100 gazillion in the ongoing case of Men Will Say and Do ANYTHING to Get Laid.

    p.s. can someone let me know if this actually works?

  25. ok so if feminism is about hating men, this this video made me a feminist.

  26. Dear Women,

    On behalf of all men, I would like to remind you all of the times of man’s romantic spontaneity, like that time we covered our bedroom with rose petals and sang George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” to you as you weeped in its beauty, or the time we made you breakfast in bed for your birthday, as well as everytime Steve Winwood called any of you pretty.

    So on behalf of all men who’ve done something nice for you: Can we have sex now?

    Chet Haze

  27. Let me see if I am following this:

    emotions and intuition = feminine
    facts and logic = masculine

    Way to shift the paradigm, dudes.

    • I think its worse than that. I don’t mind the idea of assigning characteristics to gender concepts. It’s more that they pretty much went with:

      emotions and intuition = all women
      facts and logic = all men

      • Eh, I have conflicting feelings about gender concepts that I would never discuss in VGland (#shutupme), but I have no problem replacing “feminine” and “masculine” with “women” and “men” in my comment above. I think you’re right that it’s truer to what they are thinking.

  28. Guys, you don’t have to try SO HARD to get laid. It’s a lot easier than you are making it out to be.

  29. I kept wating for one of Sarah Mclachlan’s crying dogs to pop up.

  30. Dear Men in this Video,
    As a lady, I implore you to please stop eye-raping me while speaking in low, soothing tones. It is doing the opposite of whatever you want it to do.

    Chaka Khans (very uncomfortable) Moms

    • Does it make you feel better to think about how well these guys would fit in in Burlington?

      • Are we sure they’re not actually IN Burlington? They both look very familiar to me…

        • I don’t recognize them. BUT. I am going to be again soon. Turns out I moved in with a crazy, crazy woman and I sort of actually truly fear for my safety (enough that telling her I’m moving out tomorrow is the scariest thing I’ve done in years). So I’m visiting and relaxing and being safe with relatives, then driving around the desert, then back to Vermont, where it is safe.

          • Well take your time getting back, it is still snowing EVERY DAY and the entire state is very, very cranky. I am about to flee to the west coast for a week to remind myself there are places where real human beings can do normal human things, like have BBQs and wear sandals and rent private karaoke rooms for birthday celebrations.

  31. re: this video

    Haha, nope

  32. I have the strangest boner right now…

  33. I have a strange urge to go watch all of the Rambo movies. And I hate Rambo.

    • Also, I’m curious about whether or not I should register on their site so I can see the “many other activities for men and women to participate in the unfolding of the new man.”

  34. “For God’s sake, just wash a goddamn dish once in a while. Think you can handle that, George Lucas?” – Woman

  35. That kid in the purple hoody at the end is in this for nothing but the scene pussy.

  36. Anyone else notice the man who made the videos first name is Gay?

  37. Whitey McRedface looks like he’s about to take a bite out of the camera.

  38. How about just:


    Also if you men are finished, I’m gonna get back to the vacuuming and laundry and cleaning up after all these rapes you keep committing.

  39. My unconscious masculine psyche is so fucking hard right now

  40. Live, from The Rape Basement:

  41. This whole video has a definite air of ‘court-ordered gender awareness training’. They cut it short but Chris Brown played over the opening and Mel Gibson did the lighting.

  42. “…but sometimes I might ask you to stand naked and hold my TV while I play a first-person shooter. After a half hour of this, we’ll get back to the whole equals saving the world thing. I really appreciate it and please don’t tell any of your friends…”

  43. As a MAN, I want to say

    1. There are a lot of good things said, and their heart is in the right place.
    2. BUT, wtf is this about women having some sort of preternatural connection to the earth?! Do I have some preternatural connection to the sky?!?!
    3. “worship each other with are bodies”?!?!? Uh, i’ll just settle for respectful, consensual sex plz

    4. I’m pretty sure that the war thing is bs and only the consequence of women not being in charge most of the time. It’s like saying religion is responsible for all/most war – that’s only because the majority of people are religious. If most people were atheists, then people would say atheism would be responsible for wars. If most leaders were women, then women would be responsible for most wars. I think the instinct to fight is human, period. Call me a FEMINIST for thinking women and men have the same potential and stuff.

    And now to end this very unfunny rant. Thank you for your time.

  44. at timecode 4:34 – I’m pretty sure that’s a shot from the movie “Step Up.” In any case it is DEFINITELY Channing Tatum. Therefore, I weep.

  45. But aren’t both these too old……..
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