Bangs is coming strong with two spring jams back-2-back! AIR HORN SOUND EFFECT! This is obviously a hot…joint (?) but it does raise a pretty obvious question: WHO THE FUCK HATES BANGS? Haters better recognize (that Bangs is the best). (Thanks for the tip, Sarah.)

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  1. Bangs: “Hi haters. The more you hate on me, the more that I do my thing.”
    Haters: “That’s cool. The more you do your thing, the more we’ll hate on you.”

    The circle of life continues.

  2. Bangs seems like he’s doing a lot better.

  3. Haters gonna hate. This girl knows what I’m talking about.

  4. Well, I like it a lot better than “Yankin.”

  5. Chet Haze could learn a thing or two from Bangs.

  6. Who hates Bangs? Those people suck

  7. I’ve got him a backup dancer:

  8. Well, maybe if you used more cymbals in your songs, Bangs, the “Hi-Haters” wouldn’t be so mad at you.

  9. I thought this song was going to be about people who hate Hawaii, which is just nuts.

  10. What the fuck is a Hader?

  11. I just want to say that Air Horn Sound Effect is among my favourite Sound Effects. My number one favourite is Orchestra Hit Sound Effect, I wish Orchestra Hits would follow me around all day. That is my dream.


  13. “Stop hitting on me when see me with my own chick.”

    Bangs is the consummate gentleman.

  14. Aww man, our boy Bangs has already got a lock on the First Official Summer Jam of 2011:

  15. I know I’ve been hitting on Bangs for a while now. But he still wont return my calls.

  16. Bangs made a friend! Who raps just the same!
    And here I thought he was unique in his Sudan-by-way-of-Australia style of naive delivery. But apparently there are a lot of Bangses out there? It’s a magical world.

    • I think Ezu is an awesome person to [Feat.] he brings dimension to the video. Ezu in totally normally fitting adult jeans, Ezu on a discarded couch under a tree…

  17. Well, technically, this is an Autumn jam.

  18. I don’t understand. He certainly looks to be having a good time here. You’re contradicting yourself, Bangs!

  19. Bangs, can I get some of that Hypercolor money?

  20. The time I met Bangs (Australia is really small/in the outback) I was like “hi I’m Josh” and he shook my hand and was all “Bangs” and then I asked him what his real name was and he said “Bangs” and then I said “no your real name” and he looked real embarresed and said “…Jackson”.

  21. Number of times Words that the root word is hater were said: 47

    Try saying that five times fast

  22. What country uses Monopoly money???

  23. Dont’ be hating on our currency!

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