Jay-Z has launched his own Goop-like “lifestyle website.” THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT THERE?

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  1. “I Got 99 Problems and my 2000-thread count Egyptian Cotton bed sheets I bought on a weekend trip through Soho ain’t one.”

  2. Jay-Z, just make your own Tumblr and call it a day. Yeesh.

  3. “tweets is watching”

  4. I heard next week he’ll be singing and dancing suggestively in front of all the young men on Glee.

  5. “Hi Everyone! Just a quick note from your Uncle Jay, Re: Hoes – Please, take them out the hood, keep them looking good, but don’t fucking feed them. It’s about BALANCE. Ok, dodging off to the gym!”

  6. Just the other day I was thinking “R2, why don’t your ties come in a custom made wooden box? That’s just such a sensible and environmentally friendly way to package neckwear!”

    Just when you’re starting to think you’re the only sane one on Earth, Jay-Z comes along to remind you that you’re not alone.

    • I just lost some respect for you, sir, considering that all of my ties come in custom made wooden boxes, and I thought you were a man of the same class.

  7. My Favorite part of Jay-Z’s lifestyle website is where he shows me how to murder a Goat in the proscribed fashion to yield the greatest profits over the coming year

  8. Gwyny replied,
    “The times when you saw
    only one set of e-foot steps,
    is when I was out to lunch at Spago.”

  9. Gimme that sweet, that nasty, that goopy stuff.

    Oh forget it.

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