Cool. Looks great. Hey, here’s a completely unrelated question: do you guys ever think about just, you know, like, giving up completely? As if perhaps all of the hard work of trying to conceptualize of a world in which life is actually worth living and there is beauty and decency to be found in this existence of pain and misery is all for naught and maybe we should just lie down in the road and let the abyss wash over us? This show looks great! I was just thinking about that other stuff for no reason really hahahhah never mind. Can’t wait for this show!

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  1. Thanks, guys. I think I’m totally cured of my love for comic books, now.

  2. Cool prank.

  3. I can’t believe I just watched all 2:59 of that.

    Come with me if you want to–*GUNSHOT*

  4. Hey guys I’m worried about Gabe, Gabe if you’re reading this (haha if duh you read the comments on your own website), it gets better and we’re here for you

  5. I don’t know why I was surprised when the Black Eyed Peas started playing. That was foolish of me.

  6. I think we can all finally admit that this country just doesn’t work.

  7. I had to pause just to make sure all those sounds were really coming from the same place.

  8. It is a tumor.

  9. Matt Weiner and Morgan Spurlock, take a note. THAT is how you do seamlessly integrate product placement.

  10. There’s a robot rampage in San Francisco?! I don’t know how, but somehow Pat Robertson is going to blame this on gay marriage.

  11. I’ve got to say, this doesn’t look that bad. Not that I plan on watching this, but I don’t see it being any worse for an 8-12 year old’s cartoon than any of the crap I watched as a kid. I know it’s cool to profess an undying love for Transformers, TMNT, Thundercats, and other shows that have become retroactively cool for hip 20-somethings, but those shows were patently ridiculous.

    That being said, the Black Eyed Peas song takes it down about 10 notches.

  12. why does he keep putting on / getting on regular things that turn into futurey things? i.e. sunglasses, motorcycle. Why doesn’t he just have the futurey one, if that’s what he really wants…?

  13. I do sometimes think about giving up completely.

  14. When I was a child, I was an idiot. I was lazy and would sit and stare at whatever incredible garbage was on the television after school.

    It was a mind numbing mish-mash of second-rate seventies sitcoms and third-rate cartoons. Really, I would watch anything that moved while drinking glass after glass of tepid milk from a plastic cup that I chewed the lip of.

    If nothing was on (and by this I mean actually just static), I would just lay in the floor and stare at the trapezoids of sunlight as they moved across the carpet imperceptibly, waiting for something fun to happen to me.

    Under no circumstances would I have watched this.

  15. Yeah, the glasses and accent are really going to conceal your identity, Arnold. You should be in the clear to grope and woman you want to.

  16. I like the scene from 1:18-1:25 when his motorcycle transforms into another motorcycle. Good use of transforming car technology Mr. Governator! (Bing Bong!). Gotta admit though, that “Got Milk” gas tank truck was a pretty clever play on the exploding truck trope.

  17. 2012 you say? Makes sense.

  18. “I’ll be whack!” – Me, to myself, in a perfect Schwarzzsomeletters accent, snorting loudly at my own great joke.

  19. “Ah’ll be crudely animated in a vanity-project that is all about boosting my flailing ego and appeasing my non-descript family-members.”

  20. Totally unrealistic. Nobody in San Francisco drinks real milk.

  21. Did you guys know this is based on a true story?

  22. This is just like my dad at my Bat Mitzvah.

  23. The enemies come in/are smart cars… a conservative bias if I ever saw one

  24. How many Koreans got carpal tunnel drawing this crap?

  25. Why does no one seem to care that Arnold Schwarzenegger has three teenagers locked inside a secret vault in his mansion! Where is Chris Hansen?

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